Clayton Clavette

ripoff cheap liar pevert compulsive liar!

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Published: 08 June 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Clayton Clavette Has no money, he acts like he is wealthy and he is not.

He post fake jobs on the internet and send emails out to all the females in his database which he puts together thru his fake castings.

He sets up these fake castings just to intertain his wealthy friends, to impress his wealthy friends to use them for their Mansions,Yachts and whatever else his friends own.

When the models or me called back to see what happen to the job, the excuse was it was cancelled or has been filled, Ive been hearing rumors about this cheap scam artist, and it was true.

I\’ve been to several castings of his and he is a low down pevert, some of my friends have messed with him and even some of my underaged friends have messed with him. And they told me everything about him.

He lives in the gables, he rents all his rooms out in his house to women to support his mortgage. He lives off his parents money and use people. He puts up a front like his wealthy and uses his wealthy friends accessories. He is a nobody.

He is also a bad business man, he has started several businesses and has failed to complete any of them. Just search his name on the internet and you will see for yourself.

Warning to all females and models, this man is a fake if you run into him or receive one of his emails beware and also if he gets heated up, he uses other people to set up his castings.

When you see this man tell him off!

Miami, Florida

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