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Clayton Homes

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Published: 03 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We bought a Clayton Home in 08/2014 From day one it’s been a NIGHTMARE! The dirt pad is still yet up to code! How they get away with it is beyond me. We have had giant puddles of water under our home for over 16 months now! All Clayton homes have done is cut every possible corner! According to their own manual water under the home is a big No! That is NOT the worst of it! Day 2 my health, asthma was flairing up. We found MOLD growing on a hand soap dispenser in master bathroom! MANAGER of Clayton homes didn’t believe us. | So we left it where it was until they came out to do the walkthrough. He seen it with his own eyes! Said to throw it out. At this point my asthma is getting worse and worse. We begged them to take this home back that something was seriously wrong! He wouldn’t! As days went on I got really bad. They did hire a mold inspector who did a AIR QUALITY test only! So 2 reasons why Clayton homes didn’t have him check behind walls , ceilings, flooring. 1- they were to cheap, 2- they fully knew that mold is behind walls and they DONT want me to find out! | One of there workers had to rush to urgent care because after removing sink basin and master bedroom panel, he wound up getting sores up to his elbows! Office blamed me the next day! Saying my home was infested with fleas! I had to have my vet fax over invoices showing my dogs have been on flea preventive even before owning home! They recanted there story! By this time I’m being rushed to the E.R. 2 times if not more a week! The constant taking steroids to control my asthma has led to me now needing a total hip replacement! I’m only 48! | That is not the worst of it. My asthma couldn’t be controlled, so my Dr sent me to a Pulmonologist, she ran few tests, cat scans and xrays, labs. Few days before christmas Dec 22,2015 was my appointment for my results. I NOW HAVE 7 NODULES ON BOTH LUNGS! So it’s safe to say this DEATH TRAP of a home cost me my life! All because Clayton Homes want to make money! How horrible and DISGUSTING of them! If any home owners are not feeling well I suggest you see your DR ASAP! Pass my story on please, you just might be saving someone’s life by stopping them from buying a CLAYTON HOME!

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