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Published: 02 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I rented a house from this company Clear Vision Investment, the property owner is Kevin Labonte. when I met him in June of 2011 the house was being worked on. after inquiring about the rental amount, he told me the security deposit was 950.00 I gave him a check then the lease was signed. the house had so many problems, the stove was old and rusty, it looked like it had been in the property since the house was built in the 80’s. the backdoor when it rained leaked, the oven worked whenever it felt like, the house also had termites and was falling apart. I don ‘t know how this house was able to pass an inspection, its the kind of house that looks fine from the outside, but when you moved in you found all sorts of things falling apart. I was told by a neighbor this was left sitting for about 8 years. it was a forclosed property from a woman who bought it, kept it for a year when she saw all the problems and let it go into forcloser. he was cool till I decided I did not want to keep renting this property as it was falling apart and I was tired of these thiefing Georgia landlords who beat you out of your security deposit. once he found out I was not going to resign a lease he ceased all communications, except for a few rude text which I also saved. he told me depending on the property he would decide if any security deposit would be refunded. I also too pictures of the property which was left in excellent condition. this bum still kept my security deposit. he knew I relocated out of the state and the hassle of driving back and forth would be too much as I have small children. he finally sent me a check for 300.00 keeping 650.00 and coming up the phony expenses. the house was left in the same condition as when I moved in, except for a few pencil marks on the walls the kids made, which I repainted over. when I left someone could have moved in that same day. that’s how clean I left the place. he needs to have his contract with section 8 terminated. I’m going to work on that next. he’s a thief who acts like he owns the properties when he’s just a property manager. in fact he lied about owning this property come to find out by looking on line at the Newton County property search index it was owned by a Chinese Zang Ping. his wife is also shady who will send nasty texts. greed will be their final undoing, do yourself a favor and do not rent from this property owner. I’m going to contact the business office and let them know he’s scamming renters out of their security deposit. I also filed a complaint with the BBB and will notify section 8 of his thievery. .

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