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Published: 06 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My parents met Kevin Wetherell of Clearwater Montana Properties at a bar in Seeley Lake. They were just vacationing but he took the opportunity to introduce a real estate investment opportunity to them. He promised them an unbelievable return on their investment. He told them of similar land investments he himself had made. He told them of the incredible write-offs they would be eligible for if they placed the land in a conservation easement. I wish I had been there to witness the lies and misleading conversation. Before I knew it, my parents told me and my sister that they had invested their retirement nest egg in a real estate venture in Montana. A few months later I got the chance to see the property, only to find out that it’s a piece of over-grown swampland in a nearly inaccessible area. Kevin Wetherell was also kind enough to offer his land planning services at an excessive charge, through his other side company, Cleawater Wildland Services, that he uses to charge additional excessive fees. All in all, my parents are out nearly a million dollars. They have invested their retirement money on a worthless piece of land that has poor acess, and is worthless to 99% of the population because it’s now a conservation easement, based on Kevin’s advice! They aren’t eligible for the big tax write-offs they were promised. They tried selling it for two years but because the economy is so bad, it’s just sitting there. They got an independe apprisal and it isn’t worth what they paid, nor was it worth what they paid for it when they bought it! I did my own checking into Kevin Wetherell and Clearwater Montana Properties. I hired an investigator to look into Kevin. Come to find out, Kevin doesn’t even have a high school degree. He is an opportunist who married an established, real estate agent and started a company. His background is as a lineman, running power lines. On top of that, he has no background that would make him qualified to give anyone forestry or wildlife advice on how to properly manage their property. I spend some time in Seeley Lake and spoke with other locals who had business dealings with Kevin and Clearwater Montana Properties. He has a terrible reputation, both in business and his personal life. He is known locally for taking advantage of clients and swooping in on desperate people to buy their properties out from under them. I don’t know how this guy is even in business. I tried to talk to him on two separate occasions and when the conversation gets serious, he hangs up. This is what a coward does. I can only hope that others don’t fall prey to this uneducated, unscrupulous realtor and end up in the same boat as my parents and many others. .

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