Clearwire Spectrum Holdings III, LLC

Clearwire Spectrum Holdings III, LLC

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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was a healthy women, then in 2016 I started to experiment a lot of physical pain, nevesness, body heating up, hands swelling, hair falling out, I stopped eating. Just to name a few symptoms. I bacame bed reddin in a matter of months, lost down to 80 pounds. I could not be around frequency was my complaint when i would go see my family doctor. I started going to doctors specialist that all told me I was healthy. It was not until I got the HSADA Scan done in Missouri that I began to understand why I could not be around frequency, The scan showed that my body was recieving transmissions from an outside source. It was not until I had A Toxacology work up done on my GENETICS by a Well Known Toxacologist that I discovered the damage being done to mt body remotley. And the unauthorized stem cell research that had been done to my blood without my knowledge or consent. This was a lot for me to digest even though it was I who went looking for the answers. But the worst was still yet to come, The FCC frequency report documented the crimes being perpatrated by government agencies and government military contractors, corporations, along with county and local governments on my personal band waves implanted in me as a child without knowledge or consent. The reports was mind boggling and hard to fathom, SiFi technology being recorded implanted in my body. It was not until I had two of the chips removed and are now stored in medical storage that I started to understand the frequency was being transmitted to me by the FCC licenses found on my FCC frequency report. And when the chips were anilized by the lab was when I fully understood the technology and who was behind it.

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