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Published: 23 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company has a number of issues that make it one of the worst companies on the internet. 1. Wait times for customer service can be WEEKS. 2. When you FINALLY get a response, they are filled with broken English, rudeness, and they constantly try to blow you off by asking for a work item , waiting a week, then getting back to you. (You must understand these people only have 5 jobs running at one time max. They do NOT need the work itme . It’s a stall tactic or they have the WORST computer systems in the world) 3. They will reject your writing work EVERY time. They request changes which is within their right. Now I had a 97% score on my English editing quiz. I had never had a project rejected twice (which means you don’t get paid.). I followed their instructions on revision to a T and they rejected it a second time. I believe it’s because they didn’t like the note I left them, whcihc said they reject work every single time regardless of quality. 4. I was lied to and told my work was rejected due to “not following instructions.” I had a print screen of everything and when I provided them proof and told them I would take that proof to the client if I wasn’t compensated, they closed my account with money outstanding. This is a LOW PAYING fraudulent operation. You should see the English jobs. MOST of the time they are SO messed up. You waste a TON of time just trying to figure out what they are asking you to do. THEN, you finally get the job done and you cannot submit it because they have a rule No more than 55 words. Yet they ask for 30 words in the first box and 30 words in the second! So you contact them and tell them there’s an issue. They hurry up and take the job down (remember there’s always less than 5 up) and ask for a work item . I’ve done SO many jobs I wasn’t able to submit and get paid for. They pay you a penny for other jobs. It’s terrible and they are rude. THEY have communication issues. HOW ON EARTH can they serve English speaking companies when they CLEARLY don’t know the language.

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