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Published: 13 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

It all sounds great and even looks great when you sign on with clinician group. They do indeed provide great support to their sales reps and clients to ensure their product continues to be used. And the clients even get what they pay for in terms of an easy to administer mental health test that is reimbursable depending on the situation. This all makes sense as this is how clinician group makes their money. But, as a sales rep, you simply wont ever get paid by clinician group for your commissions from the assessments clients are running or for the ipads you set them up with. I worked with cg for 6 months as a sales rep and spent the last 3 of those months hearing every excuse as to the “mix ups” in accounting leading to my commissions not being paid. I never saw a cent. Trust me, it all looks great and sounds like you’ll make a lot of money while helping patients and providing a great service to doctor. Cg calls this their win, win, win approach in their weekly sales cheerleading meetings. But clinician group is the only one who wins since they get the clients you’ve brought in, they get the fees from the clients and then they keep all of your commissions from the sale as well. You will not see a dime! From the time you spend prospecting, closing the sale, doing the training, implementing the test into the dr’s office, waiting for the end of the month billing of the office, and then waiting 3 weeks for the commissions to be calculated so you can get paid…At least 2 months will go by from the point of your first sale. Then you have to deal with the excuses about accounting mix-ups or mail delays, or “let me look into that. All the while you’re still bringing new business into the pipeline. Before you realize that it’s a scam allowing them to get free sales labor with existing books of business, you’ve provided cg with months worth of hard work and new clients…And you will never see a dime. Even if you don’t have an existing book of business or sales experience, cg will sign you on anyway because it makes no difference to them to have one more person out there pushing the product when no one will ever get paid. After people figure it out and leave, they then just move to the next new batch of sales people looking to “help people while making a living”. This is why they do their best to only allow recognized numbers in their meetings, mute all participants, and why they update their conference dial in number every few months. I could go on and on about the over promising in reimbursement levels and the questionable interpretation of healthcare guidelines but just remember, cg will support you, some doctors will be interested in the product…But you will never see a dime from cg. The picture they paint as they “sell you” on the program is very attractive and you think you will help people, doctors and make money at the same time. But your time is better spent volunteering at a behavioral health facility because at least you will be aware that you won’t make a living off off your work. Oh and fair warning, gary, julie ann, zack all seem like the nicest people when you speak to them. They are the type that give sales people a bad name because they use their charm to deceive. Scammers.

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