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Published: 21 September 2018

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When shopping on the Internet, it is important to watch out for liars and swindlers. Ignore the phony 5-star ratings posted by Closeout employees. The ones suggesting that this company is a fraud are closer to accurate. To say outright that they are swindlers and liars would probably get me sued, so I’ll just post my experience and let you compare it to the other 1-star postings and let you make your own decision. I ordered a camera outfit from them back in April. The ad clearly said it was a Canon camera and two Canon IS lenses AND it said that is included US warranty. I received an email from them the next day saying that I had to call them to verify my credit card before they could process the order and then the fun began. First came the high-pressure sales effort to buy a $24.95 charger for ONLY $125.00! (I know what they really sell for because I bought one elsewhere.) That didn’t work so they told me I was getting an International version of the camera and that a US version with menus in English was $300.00 more. While it is true that such a version exists, and that there is such a price difference, a Canon representative informed me that those cameras are NEVER sold with a USA warranty. Since the ad stated I included a USA warranty, that was their first lie. I told them to ship the order as I placed it. 18 days later (speedy shipping, no?) I received a box with a refurbished and cosmetically battered (albeit functional) camera. Instead of a 28-135 I got a 50mm Canon lens and instead of a 70-300 Canon, I got a Sigma. And the Sigma wasn’t even factory packed. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and dropped into the box to bounce around. I called and demanded a return authorization. First they told me that I got exactly what I ordered. Here we have bait and switch without the consumer even being told they are being switched. Sound like a swindle to me. How about you? But after I emailed them a screenshot of their own web page with the offer, they backed off of that. They still wound up charging me $300 extra for the lens and nearly $200 for shipping that was supposed to be “free shipping.” So my “bargain” has now zapped my credit card $500.00 more than the outfit was offered at and I still don’t have any equipment. Those were lies 2 and 3. I have document 15 phone calls and 12 exchanges of emails. I have been told, “Your shipment will arrive June 3.” It didn’t. Lie 4. On June 5, I called and was told, “We said June 13, not June 3”. Lie 5. June 13 rolls around and still no shipment. Lie 6. Now they don’t bother returning calls or emails. Therefore they have taken my money, but given nothing in return. Sounds like something a thief would do to me, doesn’t it you? Are they swindlers, liars and thieves? My experience suggests very strongly that they are? .

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