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Published: 09 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Yesterday evening a truck from Clover’s Lawn & Landscaping parked in the street in front of my house, completely blocking our driveway. Two people with the company were also very rude and one of them made threats toward our family. Although it is against the law to park in a manner that blocks a driveway, Clover’s largest truck (out of several that were parked on the street) was parked in front of our driveway. My husband called the number on the side of their truck to tell them to move the vehicle, and he recorded the call so I could listen to it later. The woman on the phone was very rude and was not helpful at all, but a few minutes later the truck was moved. However, after I got home they moved the truck back, blocking us in our own driveway. Besides this being illegal, it would be dangerous if we had an emergency. My husband is disabled and has serious health problems. Their parking could have delayed necessary medical treatments. The second time they blocked our driveway my husband called them again to tell them to move the truck. As soon as the call ended the phone rang and we let the answering machine pick up the call. It was someone from Clover’s who was shouting that he was out front on our lawn and that we should come on out there where he was waiting. This threatening behavior was frightening to our whole family. We live in a very peaceful neighborhood and have never had someone behave like this since we have moved here. Because the truck was parked so close to our yard, every time someone got in or out of the truck they trespassed in our yard. At one point one of the wheels of the truck was parked up on the curb in our yard, which is another example of illegal parking. We called the police, but before they could arrive the truck eventually left our street. The type of work they were doing requires a building permit in the city where we live. The first time my husband called Clover’s, the woman on the phone said that they did have a permit for the work they were doing. However, when I checked on it today, I found the city has no record of them having a permit. Although the noise ordinance here allows for more noise to be made in the case of construction, Clover’s didn’t have a building permit. Because they were not authorized by the city to do the construction, they were also not authorized to make excessive noise. Clover’s claims to be a company based on Christian values. Either they are misleading people about their values, or they believe that a good Christian breaks the law, endangers the health of disabled people, yells at potential clients, and makes threats. Clover’s Lawn and Landscaping, owned by Johnny D. Clover of Billings, Missouri, is responsible for horrible business practices and should be avoided at all costs. .

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