Clutch Experts Aka Clutch Corporation

Clutch Experts Aka Clutch Corporation

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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Had my 96 ford explore towed to these guys, and they claimed to repair my clutch by replcing numerous parts including the clutch plate. they recieved thier monies and i went my way home ,well i thought i did ,but i didn’t make it.i called the shop and they told me to drive it there in low gear or tow it,and they would look at it. i got it there and they told me the clutch was fine ,but the transmission was bad. they said they didn’t do those repairs there so i bought it to mesa auto and they told me the transmission was fine, that the clutch had been installed incorrectly and some parts should have been replaced. the parts he told me i schould replace i had already paid clutch experts to replace. well after many months of bickering with them i took them to court and won my case , but couldn’ty collect anything because they are accually owned by clutch corporation out of texas. $900.00 later i gave up …what erks me to no end is these jokers are still in the business of ripping people off… if i had one wish it would be to get rid of this tranny trash !!!! Terry mesa, ArizonaU.S.A.

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