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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Larry Clute aka Clute Enterprises built us a home about 5 months ago and it has been nothing but a nightmare. From start to finish it was bate and switch with him. He showed us homes similar to what we were getting then gave us what he felt like. Final walk through we made a check list of the things that needed to be fixed, which were not done come the day of closing. Touch up painting, water stained door, no dryer vent hooked up. To get a C.O. he built wooden jail bars on the outside of the house where a door is so it cant even be used, instead of building a cheap set of stairs. I mean really? Not to mention ghe trees. Lol he left the trees 3 feet from the house. I mean litterally 3 feet, claimed he does minimal clearing but every house he showed us there weren’t any trees on the property. You should see the one he left out front, again he said it couldn’t be removed it was village property not mine. The village claimed he never asked about it, so $4300 later all the trees were removed. Check out the sidewalk he poured around the tree. After moving in it got worse, 2 bathrooms need to be retaped and painted along with the hallway from a poor tape job. There was a damaged cabinet at the walk through and he said he had a new one coming, we’ll he just put the damaged one up anyway. Stained door was never replaced and 2 steel doors falling apart already. The final straw came 7 days or so in the house and I go to pull my truck in the garage and I find out he narrowed it by 3 feet because he had trouble getting the variance from the village. It was supposed to be a 14×20 and instead I got 11×20. Never once was it mentioned to me or reimbursed for the smaller garage. When I asked him about it he said it’s only $1000 difference, I got estimates since then that start at $18,0000. Talked to the village who said he never even tried to get the variance for the garage to be the size it’s supposed to be. He’s very slick with his words, heck he had me sold and I ended up spending alot more than I intended to just to build new. He claims he’s very biased and tell you how much more efficient the homes are today even comparing to one built last year and he’s just a phone call away if anything ever pops up. 10 years minimal is what he will tell you, yeah maybe if you didn’t cut so many corners and actually take pride in what you do. Dont make the mistake i made. 60 days start to finish sounds great and all but its not. The shitty quality and craftsmanship are all over. Beware, if you don’t want to make the biggest mistake of your life for the next 30 years like I did stay away from Larry Clute Aka Clute Enterprises. I will be having my garage fixed by someone else and selling in the spring, even willing to take a loss if need be to get out of this.

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