CMG Property Management Group

CMG Property Management Group

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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This company illegally became our HOA in the Middle of the night. There was no notice, no voting, nothing of any kind to the benefit of our rising community. In the past five years, there has been no benefit of any kind from having them here. They have doled out thousands of arbitry fines just so they can finance their salaries and new cars: A direct quote from one Ms Christi. They say they are always available to hear our concerns. Yet when you call: you are shuffled through an autodirectory and hung up on after being told we only converse through internet. ( To which they don’t truly respond.) They hold monthly meetings where the owners of the houses they “manage ” are not allowed to speak or question the policies they have instated. We were actually told once that they needed to increase our dues so they could pay for the streetlights and pools( which have not come.) We know THAT is an outright lie. our streetlights are included in our gas/electric bills and the pools and playgrounds were to be built by the developers. For no ryme or reason, they have chosen to dictate what we may have in our yards: Many of the greenery on the list isn’t native to SC, and what is Native to SC is not allowed. My neighbor was fined for leaving his ATV in the driveway: it was out for 15 minutes. One of my neighbors was fined for having his trashcan out too long: He didn’t have trash pickup. We were fined for my sons toys being in the yard: He was in the yard playing. We were fined for Ruts in the driveway that the Contractors who built the house left there. This company is an outright absolute nightmare. And to add insult to injury: If you decide to leave to be in a Much bettter place: They Will Slap a Lein on Your House to drag it out for absolutely No Reason.

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