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Published: 19 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

CMG originally contacted me in mid-January of 2014. They claimed they had a payday loan in my name and they needed to collect $510 for this loan. As I have been dealing with a fair amount of identity theft (which I explained), I told the rep that I would need proof of debt. He apologized for my situation and said he would send proof.Towards the middle of March, the rep called back stating that I “had to pay right away or else they would take me to court,” at which point I reiterated that I needed proof. He shifted me over to his supervisor, a “Mr. James” who, after several more threats, told me he would send proof to my e-mail. I told him that I wanted “written proof” although their 30-day window to provide it had expired, and stated that I would happily provide my address. He refused to take it and began to get irate, arguing with me, and asked me if I was recording the call. I told him I was, and he stated “You are asking too much. Don’t worry, we won’t contact you again.”Yesterday morning (7:30 am, April 23rd), I received a call from a “locator” on behalf of BOR Pre-Litigation. He told me he needed my address to serve me paperwork for a debt. When I told him I didn’t know what the debt was, he gave me the number for BOR (stating they were located in Atlanta, GA). I contacted BOR and spoke to a supervisor (Steven) who told me that the debt was for a payday loan from CMG deposited into my Chase bank account in 2018 (which is interesting as I had ONLY Wells Fargo accounts since 2010). I explained that CMG had refused to provide proof of debt, and I would be happy to review documentation, but I certainly wasn’t going to arbitrarily hand over my credit card information to someone on the phone (at 7:30 am), and he stated he would be happy to send me proof of debt, at which point I provided my address.Today (April 24th), I received a call from the “Department of Investigations” (out of Phoenix, AZ) who claimed to have purchased the EXACT SAME debt from CMG. I explained that another firm had also contacted me for this supposed debt, explained the situation, and advised the representative (Victoria?) to call CMG as I am aware it is illegal to sell the same debt multiple times. She told me she would request an inquiry, and they wouldn’t bother me.Shortly after, I contacted BOR and explained the duplication situation to “Jeremy” who requested the number for DoI, and asked me to speak to his supervisor. When the supervisor (Susan/Sara?) picked up, I tried explaining the situation to her. She told me that I obviously bought two separate debts, and they sold it off twice. I told her that the information provided to me was EXACTLY identical, and reiterated that I needed documentation, as they certainly weren’t going to be getting a payment without some kind of debt. She proceeded to scream, call me a liar and tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about, and finally told me “Don’t call again unless you’re going to pay us!” I told her I was recording the call, and thanked her.I called back and spoke to a senior supervisor (Kimberly, ext. 535); I explained to Kimberly how the previous rep had treated me, and how I simply wanted some proof of debt. She put me on hold to “find out what was going on” and then came back on the phone with me after calling Dept. of Investigations, stating that BOR had “prior claim to the debt.” I told her that was fine, but I wanted proof as Steven had told me. She stated that they could “not send proof of debt or any documentation until I had a settlement offer on file.” I told her that I wasn’t going to validate a debt I had no proof of, and she said she’d try to get them to “bend the rules.” After talking with someone else, she stated she wasn’t able to send documentation. I asked her to provide their mailing address or fax and I could send documentation of my police reports, and she refused to provide any information since “I would get it when I got served.”I explained that I certainly wasn’t going to pay a debt that was not my own, much less one without ANY documentation, and she apologized and said she’d do what she could. I verified my address with her and told her to serve me paperwork, and she apologized again, gave me her direct extension (535) and told me to call if she could help any further.To date, I have had 4 different companies call for the same “debt,” I have been harassed, threatened, insulted, and called at all hours including 6 am, and 10 pm. Not one single company has provided proof of debt, but all three companies which I have names for have LONG records of fraud and harassment claims against them online. See

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