CMH Industries - - CA40g

CMH Industries - - CA40g

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Published: 12 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

CA40g fuel additive is a scam. It does not provide fuel efficiency increase. This product will plug up your fuel tank and fuel system and it will cause you to replace the entire fuel system. We sold this product until we had multiple complaints of the fuel plugging problem. CA40g is not approved by the EPA to be used for on road use in a vehicle. CMH Industries cannot afford the tests to be approved. The test results provided are just B.S. from farmers they pay off. CMH Industries was paying off a known national public radio host, Ed Schultz, to promote the product. Ed Schultz does not promote this product anymore. Beware of the hillbilly junk made in a barn by a family that doesn’t have a clue on chemistry. This product separates and does not mix with most gasoline solutions. The CA40g remains a gel when mixed with gasoline, which is the same thing that happens in the fuel tank. It forms a gel and enventually gets sucked up into the fuel system. It also gunks up the float in the fuel tank. Save yourself from this disaster of a fuel additive. No OEM will approve the use of this product in their engines. Someone should file a class action law suit against these scammers. Benny Dearlake, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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