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Published: 23 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On June 15,2018 I took our 2017 Mercedes into Sams Club #4915 and had 4 new tires installed at a cost of $1083.28. The vehicle and its wheels are in perfect condition with no marks or scratches. I had the tire man “Dave” walk the car with me prior to the work and he agreed the wheels were in new condition and perfect. I was impressed with the tire shop staff and contacted on duty Asst. Mgr. Greg Martin and complimented him on his staff. When I returned to check on the progress several employees along with the Asst. Mgr. were gathered around the rt. front wheel area discussing something. Greg Martin came over to me and said he wanted to show me something. He showed me the rt. front wheel that had been scratched in the center. He explained that while on the tire balancing machine it became scratched. He said, “We are very sorry and know you informed “Dave” of your concerns prior to the work being done”. “We at Sams Club go beyond small tire dealers and we will take care of this.” “We will do what it takes to fix it and again I’m very sorry.” I told Greg Martin that the wheel will be expensive and and we will expect to get another one from Mercedes. He said, “You just let me know what it takes to make you o.k. with this.” Shortly afterward when I ask for his card he informed me “our insurance carrier will contact you tomorrow, you can count on it.” The next day Gerard Lee Jr. of CMI Claims Management Inc. called leaving a message with a claim number and telling us to get an estimate and fax it to him. On Jume 20 we received a letter from Mr. Lee and in it it stated ….”I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the Legal Statute of Limitations in Az. It is two years from the date of incident regarding property damage claims.” This was befor even any estimate was sent or any other communication with him. Almost like you need to take what ever offer we will be making or time can run out on you attitude. We were surprised at the language so early in the process. We contacted our Mercedes and had the estimate sent to replace the wheel with new. This was done on June 21, 2011. On June 22 Mr. Lee phoned stating they would now be replacing the wheel with new but would offer a “refurbished” wheel. I objected stating we trust Mercedes products and refurbished would not be acceptable. He became very combative and said he will be sending a “offer letter” for some $300.00 settelment. I told him that is not acceptable and all we want is a new wheel. He declined stating all they have to do is give us a like wheel. That ended the conversation. We have low tire warning sensors in the wheels and Mercedes said if not handled properly they can fail. We always drive Mercedes because they are one of the worlds safest vehicles. Sams Club employees are excellent but when something like this gets outside the culture that Sam Walton built the business on it becomes a cut the costs and screw the customer no matter the image damage to Sams. I had a estimate for @1200.00 for new tires on my truck but will never go to Sams again for vehicle work. I am telling all who will listen that if you value your wheels do not let them touch your vehicle because if an accident happens they will admit it but screw you for the lowest dollar replacement. We do not trust “remanufactured” wheels for safety and do not know if they have ever been bent and repaired. I plan to sue Sams if they continue to maintain such insensitive a position. We are not scam people, we only wanted the wheel replaced with new. We are not interested in money. I plan to contact Mr. Brian Cornell, President and CEO of Sams Club in hopes he sees this for the customer service nightmare it has become. Sam Walton would be disappointed at this attitude. Gerard Lee Jr. needs replaced with a person more understanding of the collateral damage such attitudes cause a retail giant.

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