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Published: 30 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Hi all I am here to let everyone know if you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle RUN as fast as you can. You are better off walking, taking public transportation, a cab or a bicycle than dealing with these crooked snakes. My 20 year old daughter was almost a victim of these crooks. Just 2 days ago I learned that she was trying to buy a car on her own(she killed the one we gave her a few months ago) She told me she would let me know if she got the car and if she did would I add her to my insurance policy so she could drive it home that night, I told her I would. Little did I know the shock I would be in for. After a while I got her call and was asking her about all the details. They were going to sell her a 1998 Ford Contour with 85500 miles on it for $11300.00 (nearly TRIPLE what the KBB states the car is worth!! $3075.00 if the car is in excellant condition) at 22% interest. She had to pay 150.00 per week for the next 5 weeks for the downpayment and then 171.00 every 2 weeks for 3 years. Not only did I scream NO, but hell no! Being the stuborn 20 year she insisted she was doing this. At that point I refused to put the car on my insurance and told her if she was doing something as stupid as that she was on her own, I wasn’t going to be a part of that scam! So that night I did go down there to see what was going on. The cars check engine light was on, the headlights had water consendation all in them. NO WAY I told her, she went on to say its all covered in the 2 yr warrenty they sold her on. Of course she continued with the I am grown, I know what I am doing attitude with me insisiting that was her only option. So I left her there and went home. The next day after much tossing and turning all night knowing my daughter was going to be making one of the biggest mistakes of her life. I called JD BYRIDER and asked to speak to the manager. How could they take advantage of her like that. They went on to say how they were trying to help her out, etc. I told them they were blantantly ripping her off and they knew it! So after much thought and deliberation I decided to see what I could do to help her get a car. I told her we would go look and I would help her until we exhausted all options. So yesterday we went car shopping and ended up at our local very reputable Toyota dealership. Of course it ended up where she needed to have a co-signer and my Mother tried and it wouldn’t go through. Then on a whim I said let me try, that way I knew I really tried. Well low and behold they approved it and told her to go pick out a car. She has had her heart set on the Toyota Scion tC so that is what she left with. Granted I have stuck me neck out for her, but I would rather see her pay $350.00 for a brand new car then some used worn out piece of crap! But here is where it gets really good! These snakes forged her age! made her appear 24 years old instead of her real 20 yrs old.YEP! I got the paper where they made a copy of her drivers license, cut out the 3 on the zip code and then pasted it onto the year of her birth. When I confronted them with that they knew they were in deep kaka! I demanded that they release her from the contract and refund her $25.00 deposit she put down. So guess what? yep tomorrow its onto the FBI and the GA Attorney Generals Office. As a Realtor on of my BIGGEST pet peeves is predatory lenders and they are one of the classics- FAIRBANKS CAPITAL is the leader in predatory mortgage lenders and JD BYRIDER is a predatory lender for automobiles!! So PLEASE no matter what exhaust all your options before going to someplace like this and of course research, research, research!!! Laura Martinez, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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