CNS Motors Inc. Used Japanese Engines And Transmissions

CNS Motors Inc. Used Japanese Engines And Transmissions

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Published: 30 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

CNS Motors Inc, located in Santa Ana, California, sold me a transmission for my 1994 Geo Metro. I had a mechanic shop inspect the transmission, and upon inspection, they had said that it was not any good. We returned the transmission to them, and they gave us another one. This time the car wouold work, but not change gears properly. I went to AAMCO, and they said the transmission was bad. It would cost 1800.00 or so to rebuild it. This was simply not worth it so I contacted CNS Motors where I purchased the transmission from. They said they would only replace it this time is it was installed by them, and I paid their labor to have it installed. I agreed. They said the car would be done on a Friday, but it wasn’t done until Monday. Still not a big deal. I went to pick it up, and they were testing it. The person in charge at the time, Mark Kang, seemed really annoyed that I was waiting, and made a comment “You bad people, but I treat you like good people”. What ever that meant who knows. Anyways, I picked up the car, and had my wife follow me to the retal car place to return the rental that I had. When I got out of the car I noticed that the hood wasn’t shut properly. (it was about four inches too high) I opened the hood and noticed that a support that goes across the length of the car from left to right was very bent, and looked pushed up. (this is why the hood rested about 4″ too high) I took the car back. When I got to CNS Motors, they ignored me, taking phone calls for 11 minutes. Finally I stated that I needed to speak to him immediately. He looked at the car and immediately shouted “That was like that when you bring me the car”. (improper English I know, he had an accent) I stated that I could not have driven the vehicle like that for 31 miles on the freeway with the hood popping up. During the course of this I was called stupid, and accused of getting into an accident, although the hood itself, and bumper showed no damage. Upon inspeaction, two other non related shops state that they probably had used a jack under the “crossbar” and thought it was ok to use this to support the car, and therefore it bent the frame. It will cost me over 680.00 to fix, and my radiator and air conditioning components are sitting slanted. The bottom line, CNS Motors Inc. sold me two bad transmissions, I had to pay to have them installed and removed twice by other shops, and once by them, and now I have a car that they bent up, and I got called a bad person and stupid because of it. Beware of CNS Motors, and Mark Kang there. They sell used Japanese Motors, Engines, and Transmissions for various types of cars. Justin Riverside, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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