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Published: 21 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I wanted to start off by explaining that I am an extremely talented and quality minded Auto Technician. I have a 2 year degree in Automotive Science, and I am certified as a Master Auto technician by ASE (The Institute for Automotive Service Excellence). I have spent the last 24 years building prestine classic cars and hotrods. I just wanted to let some of you potential buyers or past victims in on what happens at CnV Corvette sales. I just had the un-pleasurable experience of working there for the past two months. To start with, the owner is extremely hot-headed, egotistical, and very arrogant. If the final decision would be up to him on your negotiations or even worse service after the sale, good luck to you because you won’t receive anything. I’d have to say that the worst person to deal with amoung the entire company would be the “so called” service manager. His name is Bill Chapman. He is by far the most ignorant person that I have ever worked for. He has ZERO people and communication skills. (in fact he needs assistance just spelling words on repair orders!) He will literally walk away from anyone as they’re trying to speak with him. His work ethic and logic to properly repair the vehicles there is horrible. He would just as soon mickey mouse any of the work needed just to get it out the door. I felt so guilty at times, because they were rushing me to get cars done (improperly) that were getting ready to be shipped to other states. I really felt bad for the customers because I knew that they would have a hard time getting their “schmucked up” car serviced after the sale because of their distant locations. What made me feel even worse were the outrageous prices that they were charging for their cars. They sold their cars as if they were prestine cars that were worth the large price tags, and believe me, these cars were all far from being nice cars. I want to make it clear that CnV Corvettes did not fire me, and I am not writing this message out of “sour grapes”. I actually respectively gave them a 2 week notice and left the job because of plans to start my own auto repair business. It was funny though because on my last day there, the service manager (who is a huge jerk!), and the arrogant owner, approached me and told me that I had been working too slow. I tried to defend myself by explaining that all of my work was done with perfection but it was a waste of time. I got such a kick out of that because their “star mechanics” (who worked faster than me), were complete butchers! I worked on some of the cars that they had been hacking together,(bolts missing, engines leaking etc..), and I was blown away by how poor their workmanship was! Where this really pertains to you (the potential buyer or past victim), is that you are buying cars from an establishment that has back-stabbing dishonest salesman, a service department that’s run by total jerk, and mechanics that do lousy work. It always cracked me up to see how many cars were painted by spray cans underneath and on the engines by their “Mexican detailers”. “Hey guys, lets try to make this car look like it’s been restored!” Yaa right. I guess that’s what the owner wanted so they could justify their outrageous prices. My advice to all of you out there is to buy from private owners. Check into service records and carfax (if possible). Private sellers are usually more flexible on their prices and you can at least see where your car is coming from. It beats buying an over-priced car that’s been schmucked up. Matt Burlington, MassachusettsU.S.A.

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