CO Painting Pros LLC.

CO Painting Pros LLC.

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Published: 03 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The last time I saw a company as miss managed as this was my nephew’s lemonade stand and he lasted all summer! Honestly I have no idea how this company is still standing. No contracts, different Subs for the same work, apparently to busy to answer any phone calls, emails, or even a text for weeks at a time, unexperienced with contracting and shouldn’t be hired for anything other than swiping a paint brush. Was hired to plumb in a bathroom and couldnt call me for 2 weeks due to “illness” then for another 3 weeks for ” family issues” but had time to hire a new sub and talk to property owners. Then at the end of it all after agreeing to my change order and only paying half he dipped out and doesnt want to pay me for the finished job!

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Chris Williams, Metro Roberts Real Estate

Friends and neighbors, I am sharing this story with you because I have fallen victim to a shady real estate deal and I do not want this to

I am a Disabled Vet, i am moving from Las Vegas to Tampa for health reasons, i am on section 8 housing, | i called the section 8 in tampa,

American Dealer License

This company totally screwed me please call me at 630-903-9151 if this has happened to you. I’m speechless. I got a Missouri license

Sheerah Neal

We all go through difficult or painful experiences in life. Whether it’s a broken relationship, having a tough time raising a child, or

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I had contract for 60 months for alarm services and after contract is over they are sending me bill for $1255.00 and dont understand why |

Courtney L Baggs

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Lisa Smalheiser

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