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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my truck here because it was recommended by a friend of mine and he was willing to help me out as far as price. I do not have a lot of money so it seemed like a great solution. I was very wrong. He told me that it was the computer ($121), the O2 sensor ($20), and the map sensor ($50). When all of these were replaced the car was still having issues. After close to three weeks of having my only mode of transport he finally said that they would have to take the top end of the engine off in order to diagnose it. He also said that it would cost no more that $600 parts and labor. This turned out to be wrong. He finally said it was the timing belt tensioner and some valve issues. He fixed it supposedly. When I got my car back I noticed a rattle. I took it back and he sent one of his mechanics with me. The guy said he didn’t hear anything. A few weeks later I was driving down the road and the truck stalled out. I had to call a tow truck and as it was after hours had the car towed to my home. A friend of mine opened the hood and found all sorts of things. The truck was not put back together properly. The fan cowl was unbolted, the wiring harness was laying on the exhaust manifold, there was a big hole in the reservoir hose, and the compressor had a piece broken off of it. When I attempted to call the mechanic from Coastal my calls were ignored. I gave up and had it fixed. The work that they actually did lasted a year and the timing chain slipped again, bent my valves, and killed the car. It is ridiculous when you trust someone to do work and they end up breaking more than they fixed. Please do not take your car here.

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