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Published: 17 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I took my Maine Coon, Satan to Dr. Ryan a couple of years ago. After numerous vet visits, she could not diagnose my cat’s extreme anemia and he was put to sleep. I took it in stride. I bought another Maine Coon, Chaos and he lived up to his name until his entire personality changed. He stopped running, jumping and playing. He walked with a strange hesitation and spent most of his time hiding in my closet. I became worried. I took him to Dr. Ryan at Coastal Cat Clinic. I explained the situation to Dr. Ryan and emphasized that Chaos had fallen off the top of my refrigerator. After X-rays and lab work, she dismissed everything and said I was just being overprotective because of what happened to Satan. She told me to watch him for the next three weeks which I did. I watched him get worse and worse until he was barely walking. I took him back to Dr. Ryan for more X-rays and lab work. He had lost weight and was running a fever. Dr. Ryan’s only advice was to isolate him for three weeks!?! She prescribed no pain medication or any kind of help for my cat who was clearly in agony. Two days later, my cat began seizing. I rushed him to Affiliated Vet. Services where the E.R. doctor diagnosed my cat’s two broken hips without X-rays or lab work.Later that night his fever spiked and they discovered he had cystitis as well. Apparently, he was in so much pain that he would wait to use the litter box which brought on his cystitis. He underwent FHO surgery two days later. If I had followed her advice, Chaos would have died a slow, agonizing death, just like Satan did. If you love your cat, do NOT take it to Dr. Ryan. She is incompetent and will do more harm than good.

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