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Published: 17 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

So, a year ago, my friend (who has had the same number 10 years plus) fowarded me a robocall asking for my “whereabouts”. I called the number and got a really rude snotty woman that wanted me to confirm my current address etc. I refused to do so and would give my name. I work in collections and am very well versed in the law and advised her to simply send me something in writing. She first refused to do so and quickly threatened me with court costs and possible jail time for “knowingly defrauding a financial institution” and closing some bank account. She tranferred me to a supposed Senior Manager and after a while he agreed to send something, gave him my address. I never received anything nor got another call from them. Fast foward, a year later, here again my same friend got some nasty harrassing robocalls asking for my whereabouts. So today on my lunch was the first time they actually called me. I answered and roocall and it advised me to call the ph number the call was from, which was weird. The number was 844-369-0787. So, I called them and got a woman that had a heavy foreign accent. She only asked for my name and the ph number that was dialed. She then gave me te roundabout year – 2013, my address at the time, my job at the time, and supposedly that I owed $575 to an online payday loan company by the name of Kenwood. I have never heard of this company. When I stated this, she then stated A1 Quick Cash…Ok? So which is it? When I asked for somethign to validate debt, something in writing. She then proceeded with the same song and dance, that they were simply a mediation service attempting to avoid taking me to court an given me the “privilege” to resolve matter. She stated her herself could not send me anything. She then transferred me to a Senior Legal Analyst…aww and then this is where the magic happens….. So I get a snotty know it all guy who proceeds with same mumbo jumbo, that I defrauded a financial institution and that they had a signed affadavit from the bank saying I closed the accoutn right after getting the payday loan deposited in my account. I told him same thing, I need something in writing. He placed me on hld a couple of times, why, I’m unsure. He then stated yes, he would have a “discovery packet” mailed to me. After he placed me on hold for several minutes, eh ays that he “Checked” with someone and due to the “status of my account”, that they were unable to do so. This does not even make sense. He then stated that they would advise tehir “client”, again a company I have never heard of, thst I was forfeiting my legal rights and he told me to refer to an attorne and that the judge will probably look down on me for not trying to resolve and wished me luck. I hung up. This company is a scam and do nto verify or give them any info. I dont care about them continuing to harrass me, but it pisses me off greatly that they are harrassing friends and famiy of mine.

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