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Published: 18 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I rented a home during the first week of August, 2014. The washing machine was broken when I arrived, and after several service calls & delays, I was there all week long with an inoperable washing machine. When this company contacted the owner, the owner volunteered to reimburse me for one trip to laundry mat, however, I still had to go home with 4 large bags of laundry. (If I wanted to rent a place at the beach without a washer, I would have stayed in a motel room!) All that week, I was told they would ” make it up to me”, but then one day turned into two, then the whole week went by and still no washer. The owner ended up having to buy a new washer, which was being delivered the day I left. I do realize my contract states they are not responsible for appliances not working, and I know things do break down, however I was told when I checked out that in order for me to get anything for my inconvenience; they would have to contact the owner, as it’s up to the owner whether to reimburse anything. They were going to email the owner, but instead I offered to send an email to them, to forward onto the owner, and was told they WOULD BE GLAD TO. I sent this company a very detailed email telling about my situation & everything that occurred during the week. I received an email back from this company saying they would forward my email to the manager & the broker in charge. I replied back asking if the owner would also receive a copy of the email, and was told YES, and THEY offered to give me a $75 credit if I stayed there next year. (This credit is from them, and not from the owner.) I told them I wasn’t going to commit to 2015, until we come to a resolution for this year’s rental. After several days went by, I contacted the company, asking them if they had sent my email to the owner of the property. They told me they WOULD NOT be sending my email to the owner, and they will only send the owner their invoice for their maintenance fee & the vendor’s service call invoices. Also in this email, I was told to refer back to the contract I signed saying they aren’t responsible for appliances, etc… I was very patient & understanding all week long, and they did acknowledge the good attitude I had about everything. I had no reason to get upset with them, because I thought they were honest, and they would work something out with me at the end of my stay. They lied to me while I was standing in their office, as well as, lied to me in their email, about contacting the owner for me. I wasn’t asking for a full refund or any amount in particular, as my email to the owner stated “I am asking for you to consider my side of this situation, and ask you rto eimburse me with what you think is fair”. I do not feel what I was asking for was out of line or uncalled for. I am very disappointed they keep telling me they would make it up to me, and then, in the end, I am the one having to pay the price for the inconvenience.

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