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Published: 26 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Wogernese, formerly changed name from Wasserman mans a family operation that steals land from minorities… he pays local officials in small towns in all states to steal homes, 98% are from BLACK and HISPANIC HOMES….stole family farm of handicap single mom in Hallie Wisconsin and building Hampton Inn & Suites.. is also sole owner of franchise line called Cobblestone Inns, and owns 80%+ of Comfort Inns and other small hotels along the East WEst “Corrider” 80 and 94 Interstate freeways…..taken 20 000 in wisc but atty Gen that state wont prosecute former classmate and golf partner, DA now given Mason member for non-prosecute of this family…..moving into 15 states with 200M slotted for illegal takeovers of many other hotels……have much evidence and ready for a class action lawyer now… please contact (((REDACTED))) for possible attorneys we may consider to represent this case……any attys looking for that 40M commission case???? this is the split for just one plaintiff alone identified so far…….. any fed dist atty may apply the man paid 50k to ea of three officials in the offending towns and walked away with new deeds to many properties….all is in blakc n white records and many forgeries and testimonies already taken…..stop stealing our homes.. no eminent domain was in these takings – pure payoffs corruption and thefts PRESS RELEASE RE THEFTS OF LAND: Christmas Grinche Attacks Homes – 100 000 Homes seized in15 States – please REPOST TO ALL YOUR FB FRIENDS AND TELL ALL YOUR EEUU RELATIVES Family homeless as De…veloper Wogernese broke ground for a hotel in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The illegal land fraud seizure of 20,000 Wisconsin properties, many never notified of any shortcomings, never had any late payments, were never foreclosed on with legal court hearings, was so successful that the Grinche has struck again. The family who changed their name from Wasserman (to hide what???) has branched out with the same scheme into 15 new states. Grinche announced just two months ago that he now has $200,000,000.00 (Two Hundred Million Dollars) allocated just to the renovation of commercial properties seized. These properties, once splashed with a coat of paint, then go for sale as franchises under the name of Cobblestone Hotels. Cobblestone hotels are the franchise brain child of Wogernese who converted many small town homes and farms into his giant conglomerate of Hampton Inn & Suites, Comfort Inns, etc; when you take an exit off of 80 or 94, all across the United States of Grinche & Friends, chances are about 85% that you are staying in one of his hotels u2018 donu2019t bother shopping the best price- theyu2019re all owned by the same man. Problem is 2014-2018 sees 100,000 families being thrown into the streets without any fair trial or eminent domain compensation Take the Ribera family for example: Wogernese stole a $12,000,000.00 farm and left the handicap single mom without even money to take the bus cross town. All grandmau2019s dishes were trashed. Kids art projects were seized. All family Photos were destroyed. Wogernese did try to make amends: he sold all family heirlooms and antiques for $1 each to his 5 closest friends just to intentionally slap this family in the face with the arrogance of his greed and destruction. Three local small town officials were paid $50,000.00 each to simply manufacture a new deed and the family did not receive any court trial or a single cent. In this example, the Sheriff, Judge, a local banker, and town President Pete lehman all received the $50,000.00 bribes, according to David Wogernese who said: u201cIu2019ve paid 2.75 Million dollars to hide what Iu2019ve done to you; itu2019s not about the money, itu2019s about winning the game; I wonu2019t lose to a woman and I wonu2019t negotiate with a women. (If you donu2019t do what I tell you to do) you are committing suicideu201d This message sent to Ribera by Wogernese. How will this handicap single mom begin again? Where will this family live? Her former attorney, David Raihle, admitted to receiving $330,000.00 in payoffs to not protect his client- Atty. Raihle only received one year ethics classes u201cso that he doesnu2019t get confused about his duties in the futureu201d according to Wi State Bar. This family was left homeless just days ago. Just in time for Christmas. We all know God sees all in this Holiday celebrating the Lordu2019s Birth, but, there is something we can all do now. Call your local Congressman and Senator. Call Eric Holden and the United States Departments of Justice, and the Department of Criminal Investigations or local FBI branch nearest you. Call your favorite news outlets. Boycott hotels owned or franchised by D. Wogernese. If we donu2019t stop this Grinche, none of us in whoooville will have a single home left. Please contact: (((REDACTED))) regarding your story about the landfraud thefts this developer is seizing in your area. If he is as successful as he was in seizing 20,000 homes in Wisconsin, and, the 100,000 homes in California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, N. Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennesseeu2026plans are slated for all the other states as well.

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