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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I sent my 1075’s to Cobra Power to be rebuild. The engines came back with the serial number rubbed off and that was a red flag to us. We started questioning Randy at Cobra Power and his answers just did not seem right. My attorney instructed me to open up the engines and see how much work was done and this is where we found a lot of USED parts. The engines were bored out to 4.595, wrong pistons, bad bearings and much more. I have started asking questions on FB to see if anyone has had the same issues (Outer Limits Clayton Facebook name) and have found 23 people with similar experience with Cobra Power. I also posted on OSO and meet several more with the same issues. We are a couple of weeks away from filing our lawsuit and would like to get some feedback from anyone that has done business with them. One of the people I found is currently suing him in Federal Court and he as started a group page on Facebook called “Cobra Screwed Me. I am doing this as public service message to all boaters, so they are not screwed the way we were. I will make everyone a promise, I know Cobra is going to try and spin this so they can save face with the industry, but I will ONLY post facts. I have all emails, pictures and reports from two shops on my findings. Cobra quoted me $37k to do the job, including the transmissions and transom, they were paid a total of $34k in cash as a sale of a 1999 Fountain. They have now sent a bill for $64k saying they did more work. Do not be taken by this company, do you homework before you open up your bank account. Again, it is VERY important for me to stick to ONLY facts in this case, I am waiting for Randy and Cobra to try and spin this story to make himself look like the good guy, but facts dont lie. I am hoping he makes statements here and if he does I will reply to every statment he makes with the facts, my facts will include emails and pictures. Feel free to use the link below to read the full story and see all pictures.

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