Coconut Creek Mitsubishi

Coconut Creek Mitsubishi

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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I recently took my car for service to MITSUBISHI IN COCONUT CREEK FLORIDA.It seems that every time I went there even for the smallest issue on my car, I know it has to cost me over $200, because all they do is try to sell service. This time though, my experience was the worse I have seen in 20 years of owning several cars. I have owned HONDA, FORD, HYUNDAI. They top the list in bad service. First as I told my service agent Rafael that I need an oil change, he starts to try to tell me that I need to spend $110 to do adiagnostic check. As soon as they come to you, their first priority is to sell you services you dont even need. We all know that they only make commission, but ripping off customers constantly has made me despise car dealers and thecompany itself.Every consumer out there knows that the service will try to sell things you dont need. Sometimes we might accept it,but dont over sell. Once I told him dont do anything on my car, just do the oil change, already you can tell he got upset.I left the car there from 8:30am until 2:30pm. I never got a single phone call. I figure that its just an oil change it should be done.So I go back to the dealer and I see my car still on the lift. Mr. Rafael walks out looking already upset and tells me your car hasproblems, you need to stay here. So My brother and I were there and we tell him Why havent you even called in 6 hours?His answer was that WE ARE BUSY TOO.I then ask the mechanic what’s wrong with the car and tells me , it’s leaking coolant and we need about 10 days to fix it.My brother then tells Rafael (service manager) that we want to speak to a supervisor, he answers to us that we can speak to OBAMA if we want, very sarcastic. We then continue by telling him that we want him to call his supervisor. He then turns around and tells us GO FIND HIM YOURSELF I took my car down and took it to another dealer. I told people at the other dealership about the whole story and everyone seemed to know this guy. They tell me He is the Top Dog in there, thats why he can speak this way. They also ordered the part for me which cost $2.50 and they told me that in a couple of days they will install it. It takes about an hour. Unfortunately it makes anyone not wanting to ever buy a Mitsubishi again because of the service in Coconut Creek.Having someone like that as your TOP DOG just because he sells the most service is very wrong. People are not idiots, eventually they find out, especially with all the social media today.Mike See the supervisor tried to handle the situation but by the time he got there, but things were already out of control. But he was calm and I know he wanted to help.

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