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Published: 09 September 2018

Posted by: Naimey Kaplish

Hello Everyone, Today many people starting their IT company with little or no experience. Many people today are doing startup, and people like Shubhi Srivastava Head of codestic technologies Private Limited are fooling people around. People who are not living in Karnataka are fooled the most and projects coming from Mysore, Karnataka are done properly as they outsource the project to other companies as their own employees are not capable enough. She took my 1.25 lakh ruppes. You must be amazed how She did that. She always took advance for the project and as I was from civil background, files delivered to me were appearance wise good, but when the testing of the project was done, files were crap from the backend. I want to make sure her parents, upcoming clients and friends should come to know about this thing which she has done with me. If she thinks she is smart enough, let’s see where this will get end. But I need my hard earned money back. I request you all to get any IT related work from good platforms like Upwork. con people like Shubhi Srivastava are present in upwork also. But do see the ratings of people. Be aware of this company. Aware people around you about this. She thinks she can run away with my money. She doesn’t know the power of internet. I’ll drag her to court if possible.

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