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Published: 10 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Robert Agani or whatever his name is a scam artist and Coffee Machines USA is a SCAM! I paid $18,500 for four machines to be placed at one location. Robert promised me an estimated vend rate of 90 vends per day times 4 machines per day. Each vend was to equal a minimum of $1. He also said I would recoup my initial investment after three months. After 4 months, I had the 4 machines still wrapped in original packing in my garage and no locations! After much back and fourth, I did receive $500 leaving a loss of $18,000. Robert or whatever his name is and Coffee Machines USA believes ripping off their customers is an appropriate way to do business. On June 19th, 2014, after completing a form inquiring about a possible franchise opportunity, I was contacted by Robert Agani by phone. After discussion about his business opportunity, he assured me and followed it up with a written Purchase Agreement and subsequent Contract. Written in the Purchase Agreement and Contract: Coffee Machines USA would suppply me with 4 coffee vending machines, all 4 machines would be located at a local hospital, each machines was expected to vend 90 vends a day, Coffee Machines USA would pay for placement of machines, Coffee Machines USA would pay for insurance, repairs, and training. Coffee Machines USA would provide first set of supplies for the 4 machines in the form of coffee, sugar, milk, etc. For this service, I paid $18,500. After approximately 6 weeks and many, many, many phone calls and emails (some returned, many not returned) later, I received the 4 machines. At this point, Robert Agani played a disappearing game- not returning phone calls, or evading phone calls, not responding to emails or acting as if he didn’t know why I was upset. For example, on one occasion, he spent 3 weeks telling me he was trying to get the tech out to train me and locate the machines. I eventually learned that the person he was calling the tech was the destributor and not the person he was purporting at all. After approx. 4 weeks of my contstant complaint for lack of performance, he put me in trouch with a tech. Unfortunately, the tech I spoke with was as disturbed by Robert as I. Robert refused to give either the tech or myself the location where the machines were to be placed. Robert actually set up a time for training, but refused to send the coffee products, or release the location for the machines. The tech was so disgusted by Robert’s constant mis information that he became very concerned about Robert’s motives. Eventually, after consistant complaining and 2 and a half months without my vending business after which I had paid $18,500 Robert refused to return any form of communication. Approx. a week later I received a call from Rodger Scott who said he was the Customer Service Director and was asked by Robert to contact me. After a lenghty discussion in which I described Robert’s disasterous performance, Rodger assured me that Coffee Machines USA (C. M. USA) would make things right or refund my money. The refund date was set for September 19, 2014. Rodger appeared to try and rectify the situation; however, the situation did not improve. They did send me 4 separate locations with an expected vend number of 25 per day. When I called the locations, I was told they wanted to see a contranct from C. M. USA before meeting with me. I was informed by the location service C. M. USA used, that there was no such contract. When I tried contacting the sites again, they did not return my calls. I related all of this to Rodger. As Sept. 19th had arrived, I asked for my full refund as assured. Rodger told me he actually did not have any authority to make that statement. He later told me on another phone call that Robert refused to return the money. To date I have received only the 4 machines and $500 for a bonus. I have not received the location service with an expected 90 vends per day each machines, I have not received training, I have received no further contact by C. M. USA. Originally Robert told me to set up my business while waiting for machines to arrive. My LLC cost another $700.

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