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Published: 21 December 2017

Posted by: MateoFeo

Coleman University is a very expensive college that will gladly take all your money that is supposed to be paying for a top quality education, BUT in reality Coleman will NOT teach you jack diddly squat about Computers, Although at Coleman YOU WILL learn how to punch out mass amounts of APA written papers, until even the word or mention of an APA paper will make you want to vomit. As a current student whom has never failed a course within Coleman curriculum it amuses me that some of my Coleman colleagues can be so hypocritical and judgmental toward students that may have a hard time learning in a particular class, by writing them off as lazy.(isn’t that the entire reason why we go to college? to actually learn? But to in order learn you must be taught!), yet at Coleman they do NOT teach. Furthermore nine times outa ten you are treated or talked down to, as you are expected to know all the answers already. So if any student at Coleman is paying as much as $1, 300 just for one measly 4 unit class then DAMN Right the school has a responsibility to actually offer help, and take genuine, interest in NOT allowing a student who is struggling just to be written off as collateral damage. Instead the cold truth and reality is that Coleman’s dropout rate is very high as students daily and on a regular basis are left to fall by the wayside, and heaven forbid a student actually struggles. You practically have to write your local congressman just to be given a fair chance at passing a difficult class. in where every two minutes your computer breaks down when your trying to do a lab, so more than half the time your mandatory labs will not even work on their old and ### equipment, YET you as the student will FAIL and have to repay thousands if you cannot complete the mandatory labs.(as of recent, now their mandating new classes that require a lab but don’t offer an official lab day, which is a set up for failure!). When I signed up at Coleman a year ago, I was assured that I would receive state of the art Hands on Training within the I.T field, Which all current Coleman students know is a flat out lie!( and now they are targeting veterans! They just want that $$$) I am so deeply vested into Coleman curriculum that I can’t jump ship now, YET for any all students whom are looking and thinking about investing their $40, 000 just for an Associate’s degree, You may want to do some real research and listen carefully and cautiously to what current full time Coleman students are saying!!! That will WARN you not to waste your valuable TIME and MONEY on an Institution that gives a rats ### about your future or whether or not you succeed in your pursuit of attaining Real Marketable Computer skills and knowledge in order to properly prepare you into getting a job in your particular field of study. Instead are we being forced to write thousands of papers at a TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL as though we enrolled at a school for journalism, or to become profound research writers! All for the sake that maybe, one glorious day Coleman shall be nationally accredited. In the meantime it’s corporate cutthroat as usual at Coleman, as we the struggling STUDENT are treated with zero respect, lower then pond ###!

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