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Published: 22 April 2019

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Do not deal with these people. They will lie to you, steal from you, and misrepresent themselves. I had some medical bills that got sent to this agency.They filed a judgement. I called them and made agreements to pay the debt in monthly payments. I allowed them to take monthly payments directly from my bank acct, they did tell me that they would not remove the judgement, but would not act against it as long as I made the monthly payment. 10 months later. I received a letter in the mail from my bank, a notice of levy. My bank account was emptied. I called, the gentleman was very smug, knowing he had my money and there was nothing I could do about it. He said, nothing you can do about it, and not to call there again. I was calm and polite, he was a smug jerk. This unknown levy has put me in an extreme financial hardship as it was a months wages. I upheld my end of the deal by making my payments, they lurked my bank account waiting for enough money to satisfy the debt and they hit it, all of it. My debt is listed on the levy notice, plus costs to levy, less amount received to date. 10 months of payments at $50 a month, however, they list amount collect to date as $225. I am not sure how they do their math, but my math, 10 months by $50 is $500. I will be investigating this further, and may file a suit against them for deceptive practices. I also intend to sue them for the amount taken above and beyond my debt. In summary, if you have an account with them, be very careful. Do not trust them, get things in writing, and do not give them any bank account information. They will take every penny you have without any regard to your own personal situation, even if you have in good faith, lived up to your end of the deal. In fact, I would recomment fighting them every step of the way. If they file a judgement, i’d file a written response as they are a third party collector, thus creating a lot of effort on their part to justify their complaint. If they do have a judgement, keep your bank balance at a minimum. Completely dishonest and deceptive. .

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