Colleen Cournot, DDS And Jenny M. Lee, DDS

I don’t recommend this place at all!

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Published: 07 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Cournot Lee DDS is a dental clinic in New York. Every dental clinic should make sure that the practitioners are dedicated and your patient should receive the best possible dental experience. The overall rating by various websites shows that Cournot Lee DDS is not up to the mark. I found that customer review websites such as Vital have rated them 3.7 stars out of 5 which is below average as the competition in the industry is higher so you should be always trying to have a competitive edge. The dental clinic should make sure that they know the complete history of the patient so that they can serve their patients better. A significant amount of time should be invested in listening to your patient’s concerns and discussing the issues that are important to them. The dental clinic should have the latest technology so that you can solve your customer complex problems. Lately, there are disappointing customer reviews regarding Cournot Lee DDS as the services are not what they claim to provide. Like me, their customers have rated them poor in terms of their customer service, their quality, and their company policy. Many customers have reported that their doctors are not trained, they are unprofessional and thus customers are getting upset about it and they now prefer second options. I had just got my insurance changed when I tried to book an appointment with Cournot Lee DDS; the receptionist gave me an appointment after 7 months. I was disappointed as the doctor was on vacation or they have only one doctor available that’s why I changed his mind and changed his doctor. One of the customers reported that Cournot Lee DDS doesn’t serve anyone without insurance at all which means they are restricting their practices to only a particular group of people. People with low income or from less privileged areas don’t have an option because the hassle of paperwork is just a burden for them. Customers urged that the medical practitioners should focus on all the segments rather than serving to one because at the end of the day the health of patient matters over money. One of the customers reported that Cournot Lee DDS charges a lot of fee from its patients and apart from that they don’t even stand to their commitment also. One of the customers showed up at the time of appointment and was told that he needs to book his appointment again which made him angry. The customer says that Cournot Lee DDS is just a waste of time and money. Whenever the health of your patient is a concern you should reach out to them and maintain a healthy relationship and clear up all the queries they have. But Cournot Lee DDS has not been able to do so. Patients reported that dentist is over there and pressurizes you to buy toothbrush which cost around $200 and they even pressurize you to get the services you don’t even need so it’s just a waste of time and money.

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