Collier Contracting

Collier Contracting

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Published: 07 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Terrible from start to finish, would NEVER consider hiring again, even to install a mailbox post ! There are reviews out there from people who CLAIM that the Colliers are “wonderful” and “awesome” and are “highly recommended” be forewarned, we fell for these “recommendations” and they made a mess of everything that they touched. We had to go over everything that they did every day — IF they showed up — and point out the sloppy, shoddy, amateurish workmanship ( over and over and over and over again ). CLOSE-UP photos of the ACTUAL that they did at our house will be posted anywhere that there is an opportunity to do so and are now posted on YouTube at: | We hired Collier Contracting ( Fred “Billy” Collier ) on 08/08/17 to remove and replace vinyl siding, deck boards and stairs and install vinyl handrails. Collier required us to pay $10,000.00 for materials which would be ordered the next day. Work to begin in “4 – 5 weeks”. By the second week of September, having received no materials and receiving only more excuses from Becky Collier, we contacted the materials supplier and were informed that materials had not even been ordered. We confronted Collier who told us that she had “lost the money and was scrambling to recoup it by working other jobs”. She pleaded for an opportunity to “make it right” which we reluctantly ( and now regretfully ) agreed to. | The contracted Start date was supposed to be 10/09/17 and the Estimated Complete date, 10/23/17 but work did not actually begin until 10/12. Took two weeks to remove siding and wrap ( 1500 sq.ft. ). Billy and his “helpers” ( I would never refer to them as a “crew” ) worked sporadically, showing up and “working” for 4 or 6 hours or not showing up at all ( with a variety of excuses ). Siding was installed with numerous obvious, amateurish installation mistakes which were corrected only after we repeatedly pointing out the mistakes and having to argue until we provided documented proof that they were wrong. As of the date of filing this complaint, there are STILL unresolved siding issues. | Deck work was started the last week of November 2017 and boards were installed crooked and uneven. Only after complaining about sloppy work, boards were replaced but were crooked in the opposite direction. Decking was replaced a third time and is now even but still crooked and cracked deck boards. Stairs and stringers took FOUR attempts to build correctly. Against or better judgement to not let them install our expensive vinyl handrails, we allowed them to do the work because the installation instructions are SO SIMPLE that anybody would be able to follow them and do a good job — turns out that “anybody” EXCEPT Collier Contracting. The handrails were installed with no concern for correct installation, even with elementary level illustrated instructions present. The vinyl handrails were cut too short, unevenly spaced, not level and uneven heights. Multiple screw holes in our vinyl posts ( as though they assembled everything by “trial and error” ). Some of the mounting brackets have no screws in them at all ! The handrails can not be “repaired” because they were cut too short, Collier insists that they can be “fixed” but, after living through the nightmare past four months with their excuses, lies, “jury-rigging” and scary sloppy work, we knew that it would only be worse after they were done “fixing” it. If they have worked on our house for over two months and not completed a SINGLE thing correctly without re-doing it multiple times and proving that they couldn’t ( or wouldn’t ) follow simple instructions in the first place, we knew that their idea of “fixing” our handrails and posts would amount to nothing more than more “rigging” to cover up the sloppy workmanship. How else would one “fix” handrails that were cut unevenly or too short ? How would one “fix” vinyl posts that were drilled multiple times in the wrong location ? They must be replaced and Collier refused to replace the materials that HE damaged by his negligence.

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