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Published: 21 February 2018

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The commercails got me. I worked two server jobs to pay for that school. The setup was simple…each class was five weeks, maybe twice a week for 1 or 2 hours. Hears the thing, very little individual instruction was to be had because of class size, everything I learned in media arts is completely obsolete ( final cut?!) I then ran off to California to make my dreams come true, but Warner bros, universal, Disney, even Vivid had never heard of, nor had they ever hired anyone from ‘collins collage’. I tried to get a job at N.B.C, but I ended up getting ‘punked’ on the Ellen Degeneress show. Look it up on u tube I’m the black guy in the very beginning , and while it is quite the tail to tell around the campfire, the end result was the degree that I so proudly wielded was about as useful as a list of every movie I’ve ever seen, sure I think it’s pretry d**n impressive, others though? Well, they couldn’t care less. When ever i told anyone one where I went to school, I always hear the same thing…”who?” Or “where?” now I hold a B.A. In b******* and I can’t get a credit card. I graduated in 2007 and I spent three years in Hollywood getting laughed at. I now know that if you want to work in film? go to school in L.A. that school, and I use the term loosely, needs to give back all the money it took. Or at least we shouldn’t have to keep payI got for a school that promised job placement and all kinds of resourses but is in fact now closed. .

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