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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am a war vet that used the post 911 gi bill to go back to school. Upon starting the school i used my fafsa and post 911 gi bill. I told them i did not want to use my Stanford loans just my Pell grants as my gi bill would cover the tuition. While in school i was required to take war photography as one of my classes. I told them i would have trouble with this due to my ptsd. Thay said it was fine they would help me through it. Well here i am i have 2 semesters to go to get my AA and the class came up. 2 weeks into it i told them it was getting hard i needed the help. They told me i could not pursue the AA if i did not get through this class and that was the help i got. I had to drop out and put my family at risk because they would not help me through one class. Then it gets worse, after i drop out i get contacted saying my student loans were past due. Wow i look into it and guess what they used my stanford loans to pay my tuition and pocketed my post 911 payments. I talk to the school and they say they didnt use them. Now i cant get my transcript from them because they say i owe them money. All in all they take my post 911 gi bill money and i owe stanford loans because of them. Please please do not attend this school they are money hungry back stabbing people.

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