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Published: 09 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This a warning for anyone who is considering becoming a patient, working for, or doing business in any way with Eric R. Boyd, a dentist in Columbia, Missouri at The Colonies Dental Center. Eric R. Boyd openly sexually harasses female employees, has threatened that he would like to “”teach a lesson”” to a woman after he took over what is now his practice after she quit due to his behavior, telling her that “”he knew where she lived and had firearm(s)””,and makes veiled threats to other staff members such as saying he could understand why Adam Lanza murdered his mother and several other women (and obviously the children) because “”feminists”” wouldn’t let him “”be a man””. He would openly state that he wasn’t going to comply with federal laws regarding equal employment practices. He would direct his manager to find any reason she could so that he could terminate employees who got pregnant or were injured so that he would not have to provide maternity or sick leave. Eric R. Boyd is a misogynistic sociopath–don’t be fooled by the act he manages to put on for patients. He couldn’t care less about 99% of them. His rage towards real doctors (MDs) was palpable and if one came in for hygiene or anything else he’d make the rest of the day hell for staff. He is a typical fat loser with little man syndrome who unfortunately managed to obtain a degree which grants him greater ability to engage in predatory behavior. He has violated HIPAA laws NUMEROUS times by sharing personal photos and health information about patients; He mocked one woman who was a cosmetic veneer consult by posting her photos around the break room and calling her a “”dumb cunt”” among other things. He has stated (see attached proof) that he feels he should be able to leer at and/or grope any woman that is in his office, so if you allow your daughter/wife/whomever in this place then you are a fool. It is most likely no coincidence that he moved around to 4 or 5 different cities to practice in the 7 years since he would have graduated. I will be attaching several documents, so you are free to come to your own conclusions about this individual. Have a nice day. .

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