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Published: 13 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

How does this company stay in business??? I rented a home from Colony American Homes in Tampa back in February of this year. I thought that the home was amazing when I viewed it. During the viewing I asked the Property Manager was there a HOA for this subdivision and what was the rules/guidelines? She didn’t not have much to say about the HOA. Every time that I asked her she would say that they are not aggressive she said for me not to worry about them as the tenant. The home lawn service was included with the HOA fee’s that the owners pay. I thought that it was a deal for the asking price. Until I moved in!!! When the water department came to turn my water on the outside water main to the home was leaking very bad to the point it started to flood my neighbors living room. It took 5 days after I reported the issue for a plumber to come out. When he arrived I asked him why did it take so long? He told me to run from this company as fast as I can. | My red flags started to fly. I started to wonder what did I get myself into with this company. When I met my neighbors I wondered why they kept asking me was everything OK with the home and was it repaired. The neighbors told me even before my mold and mildew issues that the home was empty for 3-4 years and that the previous owners had mold and mildew issues, leaking pipes and leaking roof in the home. That’s why the previous home moved out of the home. So the water stop leaking outside but later that after the plumber left the pipes started banging really hard to the point my children was scared. I called and reported this to the maintance department. They told that someone would contact me about coming back out. Still 8 months later still have not received any calls about the banging pipes. I kept calling the maintance department over and over again complaining but still had no follow up from maintance. I had no choice but to go to the local office where I was greeted by rudeness and unprofessional attitudes. I requested to speak with someone in the maintance department but the receptionist said that no one was in to speak with me. | In March my master bedroom toilet stop flushing and things would float back up in the toilet from other the toilets. I called again they was still saying that someone would contact me. Still to this day no answer. April of this year my wall in between the shower and thfumes in the master bath started to mold and mildew. The shower tiles were starting to fall off the wall in the master bath. The sewage has backed up several times in all toilets, showers and sinks. Every time that I take a shower I am being poisoned by sewage gas fumes while the water is draining. I can’t us any of my 2 bath tubs in this house. Well at the end of July I went into my garage and found the ceiling is collapsing and leaking under my children bedroom . I then received a letter from the HOA telling me that Colony American Homes is in default and have 14 days to comply because no paperwork was ever filed stating that I was a tenant and that the home had been rented. I notified the property manager by phone finally getting someone to answer in turn she yelled at me over the phone saying that there is nothing wrong with that house and to speak with Matthew about the HOA. She added that everything is new and repaired and if I am so unhappy just move out. I was in shock I have never been treated like this in my life. They are bullies!!! And the Judges and the law allows this Corporation to get away with robbery. They are charging people to stay in their homes but not willing to maintain their properties. After I called code enforcement to come out to see the damages. This house has 8+ violations. On last Thursday I received a letter in the mail from the clerks office starting that my eviction was final. “What is this” I asked because my rent is paid up to date with a cashier’s check. | So I call the property manager she said that my rent was not paid on time and I was in default of my stipulation/ lease agreement. I told that is not correct my rent was paid on the 1st and is up to date. I went into the office to show my stub from my cashier’s check but no one would talk to me. The receptionist was rude and told that no one was in the office for me to speak to at that time. So I filed a motion to stay with the clerk of court to show my evidence that I paid my rent on time and that I had only been late once back in May. The Judge that I believe is working with this company denied my motion. So I in turned filed for another motion to stay with copies of my receipts and I received a emergency court hearing. I went to the hearing produced my evidence to the court.During the court hearing the attorney for Colony American home insisted at first that I was in default because I did not pay my rent. I showed the Judge my evidence that I paid my rent. | After showing my evidence I explained to the Judge why their company wanted me out of the home and the problems with the HOA complaining that Colony American Homes did not file the proper paperwork or paid the fee’s for me to rent this home also how the HOA is threatening to evict me for Colony American Homes mistakes. I also explained the code violations in the home that need to be repaired. After speaking to the Judge the attorney for Colony American Homes said to me “Well if you have all of these complaints why stay in the home”? He continued ” If you are so unhappy just give me a date that you will be out of the property “. The Judge in return agreed with the attorney. I said I would not be upset or unhappy with the property if you would maintain it to the proper codes and state. And I ask for my security deposit back and the eviction to be stopped so that I can find another place. The attorney said “no way”. So the Judge ordered a continuous ordering for me to bring someone in from my bank stating that I paid my rent. I offered to show my bank statements online if she didn’t believe my paperwork. The Judge said” no she wants me to subpoena someone from the bank to come tell her that I paid my rent”. I was shocked because all she had to do is call the number on the bank statements or go online and access all of the information. This is why I say it’s something fishy with this company. I have never been through anything like this in my life. I had video recorded the court hearing and I will display it on the web to show consumers how this company works and how the Judges are working with them. Consumers Beware!!!! Slum Lord Gangsters backed by the Government to rip Americans off.

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