Colorados Finest Kennel and Ranch

Colorados Finest Kennel and Ranch

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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Willys Mountain View Kennels ; Colorados Finest Sporting Dogs ; Colorados Finest Kennels and Ranch ; ; ; WMV Kennels ; Deb Willard ; Debbie Willard | We scheduled an appointment through the website we found locally here At first we were happy the facility was not to far away and we could visit and play with the puppies. We travel and work many hours so evenings were mostly when we communicated with Debbie the “Dog Breeder”. I was quickly able to tell that this lady was either on meds or other type of substance because of her evening text messages. Again, they were local so we took a chance anyway. After 2-3 days we finally had a scheduled appointment to meet the litter. | We pulled into the driveway and you can sense something is off right away because they meet you in their garage with the puppies already there. The puppies look fine and playful but our Vet later explained that this is how most Puppy Mills operate. They trick you into believing they are great breeders because the puppies are happy and semi clean. The REAL problems come later. | We asked to see other puppies in the barn where we heard tons of puppy barking from but Debbie and her puppy mill staff who we believe is family also involved in this Puppy Mill corruption told us the barn is being cleaned and we can’t go in there. | To the side of the garage you can see fenced kennels with dogs barking the minute you pull in. it’s normal for dog barks so we did not pay attention to that either. It wasnt long until our family picked out Dora, a little Labrador puppy that was suggested to us from the litter. We paid cash because we had it and because Debbie said it helps them hide tax payments in a jokeful way. I doubt she was joking! I’m sure there is plently cash going through this so called “business”. | We took Dora home, spent thousands of dollars on her accesorries and puppy needs and scheduled a Vet appointment right away! Within 24 hours my wife had Dora at the vet. During those 24 hours, Dora became lathargic and not as playful as when we first picked her up. Our Vet explained later that puppies tend to be more active while in the presense of new people and while around their litter mates or other puppies in general. | At the Vets office we learned the news. Our little Dora had a heart murmer, parasites and other conditions we would rather not discuss because we will be reporting this facility and this breeder to different branches across the country. | We called Debbie’s line right away and she defended herself by BLAMING US for the issues Dora had. How can we create a heart murmur and parasites within 24-48 hours? She asked that we bring Dora back and that she would provide a 50% refund if we returned her! Of course we said NO because we would NEVER give up a family member! | As much as we do not want to speak about this, Dora passed away 2 months later due to all of her medical conditions. We’re aware of the illegal practices Debbie Willard and her staff. We’ve tracked down record through AKC paperwork and other resources we aquired. | THE ONLY ADVICE WE CAN GIVE YOU IS STAY AWAY AND DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PURCHASE A PUPPY or anything else in that matter. Dora is DEAD, we have her ASHES while DEBBIE WILLARD tried to give us a 50% REFUND. BEWARE! | You will see much more of Debbie Willard and her facility over the internet if SHE DOES NOT stop abusing families and poor inncocent puppies!

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