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Published: 03 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Please see the letter to this bank’s CEO!!! I requested a call or response in some way, but received nothing. I call Customer Service and receive no help. I had a dispute for $4,000 and provided Comenity with multiple documents supporting my case; they resolved the case in my favor on 3/25 and rescinded their decision on 4/18! This is total incompetence and lack of respect for their customers. They favor the businesses. January 7, 2019 Dear Mr. Ostler, I am sorry to have to write to you in full desperation and frustration. I acquired your credit card in October 2018 with the plan that this was going to be my new and primary major credit card. I used it for a $12,000 payment to a venue for my daughter’s wedding on October 24, 2018. When I gave it to Bob, the owner, he did not want to take it and requested cash instead. I told him that I did not have $12K cash and for my own reasons, I was using my credit card. I was annoyed and shocked at his unprofessionalism to speak to a customer as he did to me. My reasons for using my credit cards are for the points, but mainly for the security if the merchandise/services were unacceptable. This would allow me to go back to the bank and do a dispute. I NEVER thought that this would be the case regarding my only daughter’s only wedding! In almost 50 years of having credit cards, I have only had to file a dispute one other time with a vacation club. I paid thousands of dollars to a club due to promises made to me, but never received. I had used my Discover and Capital One cards for that transaction, thank God. The dispute went on for months, but once completed, I won. Both my banks informed me that I was being reimbursed for the amounts in addition to interest. They also told me that if I had paid using my debit card or check, I might not have been as lucky. Since then (10 years ago), I always use my credit card for everything! I tried to work with Bob (owner), Mike (owner) and Casey (manager); but without success. I finally opened the dispute in November via the phone. Your Customer Care representative informed me that I would be notified once they had questions. I waited a few weeks and called last week for the status; and was told that I lost! No questions, no documentation requested and no one cared! I received a letter that week which told me that they may need an additional 90 days to review and to send documentation if I had any. That is when I called them to find out that they closed it without my input. When I had opened it on the phone, your representative told me that I would be contacted when they were ready. I felt discouraged and without confidence in this bank’s loyalty to their customers. Tara is my only daughter and I wanted her to have the wedding of a lifetime! I was a single mom with three kids who worked two jobs to support my kids; while providing them with everything they needed and much of what they wanted! I felt taken advantage of and lied to from the venue; and then from the people who were supposed to review and decide on my dispute. I have attached a spreadsheet with the details and dollar amounts, a detailed letter from me and three letters from guests at the wedding. These three guests were close friends who were aware of all my wedding plans with details, so they are very aware when they saw what was provided vs. what was ordered! I have spoken to other guests since the wedding and when I told them about my dispute, they began to tell me what they noticed had gone wrong. I have additional testimonials (negative) which makes me so unhappy for my daughter. I am so angry that individuals still have to fight big corporations for fairness. Please help me to show Bob, Mike and Casey that we count too!

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