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Dr. Josh is a pervert and a misogynist

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Published: 27 April 2019

Posted by: Charles

I would never go back to that place. I wish he rots in hell and stops his mischievous ways. I would have never thought such an established guy would be this low-minded. He touched me inappropriately and tried to take advantage of me. He should be thrown in jail. I have already filed a complaint against him but I’m afraid not much action will be taken against him.

I wanted to help others find out the true face of Dr. Josh and his hell hole called Comfort Dental. Not only he, but his staff is equally to blame. Those people know the kind of vicious things Josh does but they don’t bother interrupting him. They care too much about their jobs. I would advise you to stay away from this pervert too.

I had contacted Comfort Dental for a toothache. I went there for a routine checkup but because it was my first visit, Josh was treating me with extra care and attention. I had noticed him looking at me but I didn’t think he would touch me inappropriately. When he laid me on the dentist chair, he first told me that he’ll need to take a look at my teeth. But when he leaned in he deliberately touched my chest.

I was a little shocked at that action but I didn’t say anything. I thought it was an honest mistake but I was wrong. He tried it again when he leaned closer for another look at my teeth. I tried to push him away and that’s when he said, “what are you doing?” His reply made me think I was the wrong person in this whole ordeal. I thought he was coming onto me but his question made me doubt my instincts. I apologized and told him that I was feeling a little uncomfortable. He said that’s ok.

But the thing is, he didn’t stop. He leaned in to take a look at my teeth again and slid his hand across my chest while ‘trying to get another mirror’. The whole time, I was feeling nervous and frightened. He was smiling all the time and acting as if nothing was going on. He then complimented my lips, which again, I think was a little over the line.

When he was seeing my teeth, he stopped for a second and asked me something like ‘are you enjoying it?’ I asked him ‘what’ and then he did that thing again.

I was shocked and I pushed him away. I never went to that place again. He called me a number of times to apologize and that’s it. Josh deserves to be thrown in jail because it’s his kind of guys who are the filth of society. I was frightened at that time and I’m glad I’m over it.

I just wish no other lady has to face that terrible demon. The worst thing is, there aren’t many complaint about this guy online. He gets them removed. I hope my experience will help you make a better decision in this regard.

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