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Comfort Inn Dawsonville Georgia Review

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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On March 26, 2014, as a guest of Comfort Inn Hotel, Dawsonville, GA I was erroneously billed for two separate charges, one for 77.05 and the other for 125.08. Given that the charge for 125.08 was outside of the normal range for previous room billing (no addtl services ever billed), I immediately contacted the front desk to inquire about the charges. The front desk attendant (only one for reservations and billing) denied having processed either of the charges. This was incredibly disturbing due the the gravity if in fact someone else was utilizing my credit card number. I contacted my bank within minutes only to have BOTH charges confirmed as having originated from the Comfort Inn in Dawsonville, GA and processed for authorization. This obviously escalated my concerns since the hotel deks had denied both. With this new information I immediately contacted the hotel desk again, explained the banks confirmation of the charges only to hear from the hotel attendant that they in fact had processed the charge for 77.05 but did not process the charge for 125.08. WOW!! Further, he recommended that I contact my bank to have them call the hotel billing to resolve this and then transfered me to what I assume was a manager. The manager continued with the same denial of the charge for 125.08 and thank god at this point I had already had my bank stop the charge and issue a credit. I immediately checked out of the hotel and received a final billing for the stay from March 18 – March 25, 2014 in the amount of 549.07 which was correct. EVEN MORE ALARMING, on March 28, 2014 my bank reflected a “”hard-coded”” charge for the 549.07 and ANOTHER authorization run against my card for 75.55. This is unimaginable to think of them running a separate authorization 3 days after my check out!!! Fortunately, my bank applied steps to not allow the charge. I cannot imagine a reason for the additional processing for an authorization of the 75.55 as the actual day and time of the charge being processed I was staying in North Carolina. This leaves me with on two possible conclusions, either ignorance or fraud, both of which are incredibly frightening and cause for making claim against the hotel or at the least having them investigated. WARNING!! No one should ever stay at this hotel unless you want to be scammed!! .

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