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Commercial Tire

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Published: 26 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Had some issues with my car so I took my car back in after getting an oil change because the light was on. They told me it was a sensor I paid 178 and left thinking my issue was solved, to find out as I was driving off my engine blew. After taking it to another mechanic I was told commercial tire should have done a oil pressure test and they did not which caused me to blow my engine! Avoid at all costs if you don’t wanna lose your money and car! I now have to spend 3000 on a new engine because of this place. They refused to give me a refund as well! | After speaking with corporate I was told they will not give a refund because they “Did the correct diagnostics”. They said they spoke with some different mechanics and they confirmed “That one does not need to hook a gauge to verify that pressure was actually bad, and that simply just replacing the sensor was correct and if that did not fix it continue billing and diagnosing ” After hearing this I decided to call 3 more mechanics asking if this was actually true. Everyone said – “We would verify the pressure before replacing the sensor, and tell you you would need to have an oil pressure reading done.” That now puts a total of 6 licensed mechanics saying that an oil pressure reading would have confirmed the issue and that would have been where they started. That any shop that fixes without verifying the the part will actually fix the issue is simply out to get money by fixing every issue that could cause it allowing for the company to make money on unnecessary repairs. So not sure what mechanic you guy’s talked to but may want to have them go back to school! . | I have now spoken with 10 licensed mechanics across the Treasure Valley and none of which have said the proper way to diagnose is to just keep replacing parts until it works. Going to the chevy dealership tomorrow to get this in writing from a licensed master mechanic!

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