Commissioner of Judging Award Notification

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Published: 17 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I recently received a letter indicating I won $1,140,000.00 Lum sum or I could select to receive 2,000,000.00 if I selected annual payments. All I had to do was return the preselected “WINNING NUMBERS” by mail only and a check ,cash or ,money order made out to ANC for $12.99 First of all I didn’t recall ever entering in some drawing and their literature conflict with its self. It states no purchase necessary. Purchase will not increase chance of winning ..but just before that it’s saying I needed to send them $12.99 and if I wanted to rush my processing (just in case some how I may have been close to the 7 day window, ha) to add another $3.00, why should I have to pay anything? Speaking of time limits, while I was looking at this the letter indicating “I must act quickly because I had only 7 days to return my winning numbers”, I noticed the “day and time of issuance” box , it stated Tuesday, 10:55 AM and at the top of that same page it indicated that the consequence of late reply automatic terminations. I was wondering how is someone suppose to know the time frame if it simply list Tuesday? A day of the week doesn’t provide any sort of a time line nor does the time stamp if it doesn’t list eastern, pacific or any of the other numerous times zones we have around this world. This fraudulent letter list no actual date such as “June 10, 2014” so that when you rushed off to send your letter back to them not realizing it probably took 3 days in the mail to reach you, then maybe a day or two for you to actually read it. If they provided a real date, you would see that “hey the 7 day deadline is going to be past before I can even get this in the mail back to them”, therefore it becoming paper to pick your dog crap up with instead of you parting with your money to send to these greedy chameleons imitating a real business. Curiously enough while I was looking for any date indication I looked at the envelope in which I received this scam letter in and it too had no post mark date stamp in it. What would be wonderful is if the police would apprehend some one as they retrieve all the hopeful replies that people mail to their piggy bank they call a post office box number and bring this company that was built on lies down. That would be Fair !

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