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Published: 15 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was recently proposed to by my adoring fiance, and we sought to find a great venue for our wedding planned for June 2015. We chose Commodore due to it being the only location that we could use for the yacht wedding we were looking for. After reading the contract, I stated over the phone that I was not in agreement with their non-cancellation policy, as I thought it was unfair due to the very large amount it was set at: 25% initial deposit with another 25% deposit required 4 months prior to the event. I agreed to this only due to my certainty that no changes would be made to our plans and because there were no other similar venues in the nearby area. Hesitant but out of other options, on 12/18/2014 I signed a contract with them and submitted a 25% deposit totalling $1898.10. All was well until unfortunate medical issues worsened at my work, forcing me to quit. While waiting for unemployment, which as we all know can be a delayed process and mine was appealed before being granted, I contacted Commodore by phone shortly prior to the 2/20/2015 due date to let them know that I would not be able to make the second 25% deposit due by 4 months prior, as listed in the contract. Linda Wright replied to my message and stated that they would be willing to work out a different payment plan with me. Unfortunately, this was merely a play on words, as they still required full payment from me by 2 weeks prior to the event to prevent a cancellation, which I had told them I thought was an unaccommodating offer and I was unable to pay that amount at the time in a demand letter received by Commodore on 3/24/2015. The Captain again informed me that there was no way around the 50% totally non-refundable deposit required 4 months prior to the events and that “If you are unable to do so at this time and cannot afford this event due to your circumstances, please advise that you wish to cancel your event.” I interpreted this as meaning that because I was unable to pay, they are assuming I have cancelled as of 2/20/2015, or 4 months prior when the additional 25% deposit I was unable to pay was due. Just to ensure that the event was indeed cancelled, as it is incredibly reasonable to expect another likely buyer to take my open vacancy with 4 months notice, I again reiterated what the Captain had stated by confirming the event was indeed cancelled. For if they were to assume my non-response was in argument with them, which it clearly was not, wouldn’t I have responded? I sent an email out confirming the cancellation on 4/22/2015 under guidance of my father, a former paralegal. All in all, the stress that dealing with this mess has caused me in planning my wedding has been emotional aggravating and damaging. Not only have I had to cancel the event and turn away many friends and family from the happiest day of my life, but it has also made it stressful to plan an alternate event due to the huge penalty incurred by choosing Commodore. Commodore Cruises and Events uses a illlegal punitive 50% deposit contract loophole to cause potential buyers to literally waste as much money and time on their scam as possible, unless you happen to have the means to pay 100% upfront! Commodore took advantage of a young couple in love that were simply seeking to celebrate the best day of their life with friends and family, this kind of shady business can’t be allowed to continue!

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