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Published: 16 March 2019

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I would like to start by explaining that I am a mother of 2 young children, one of which is autistic and we live on a very small budget. As such I owned a 1999 Dodge Durango that on 01/22/15 was involved in a no fault accident and was totaled. The insurance company offered me $3000.00 to replace my vehicle. In today’s market, that is not even close to the amount needed to completely replace a dependable vehicle with another. To make matters worse, the insurance company would only agree to pay for a rental car for 3 days after the settlement was agreed upon. I was rushed to purchase a new vehicle and ended up purchasing a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali from Commuter Cars who were well aware of my predicament. At the time of purchase, the cluster was not functioning which meant that we had no gauges at all. Because my boyfriend personally knew the serviceman that “inspected” the vehicle and he insisted that he inspected the car thoroughly and that it held oil pressure and that there was nothing more wrong with the car, I agreed to purchase it in good faith and it was financed through Westlake Financial. Commuter Cars removed the cluster and sent it to GMC to be repaired. This occurred during the major winter storms up north so the return of the cluster took quite a while. Upon it being reinstalled into my vehicle, it kept noting that the oil pressure was low. I took it to a mechanic who did a full oil change, oil filter, etc. to ensure that it was up to the manufacturer’s specifications. I had to replace other things wrong with it such as rotors, brake pads, shocks, etc. totaling $798.00 approximately 1 month after the purchase. After that oil change, it continued to note low oil pressure. I took it back to the mechanic for an actual inspection at which time I was told that the oil pump is bad and that because we don’t know how long it was actually going bad, the entire engine may very well have sustained irreversible damage and it may now need an entirely new engine. I asked my boyfriend to speak to his friend that works there to give them the opportunity in good faith to repair the vehicle knowing that the time I had the vehicle, I wasn’t able to know that there was a problem. They refuse to accept any liability for it citing that I purchased it under an “as is” warranty. I feel this is a deceptive practice knowing that I am not a mechanic and that there was no way that I could know that there was a problem with the car because I had no oil pressure gauge or any gauge at all. They are mechanics, they do have the tools to verify any problems but led me to believe that it was in good working order so I would finance this vehicle. I would like for them to fix the vehicle because they misled me into purchasing a faulty car. Like I said, I am a mother, I have a very limited income which barely meet my new bills (car payment and higher insurance) let alone allow for any repairs to my vehicle. I do not have the money to fix this car but I have a significant amount of appointments that I have to meet for myself now due to the accident as well as my son’s and I need a dependable vehicle to get us there. If I were the only person to have issues with vehicles purchased there it would be one thing, but I personally know 3 other people in my same area that have purchased vehicles through them and have had issues with them right after. This isn’t that big of an area so to have 4 people in a circle of friends to have issues with the same car lot, throws up red flags. Of course I didn’t know about their issues in advance or I probably would have never even looked at the cars on their lot! I really think this company should be investigated for deceptive practices if nothing else. .

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