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Published: 19 December 2018

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These companies offered me and made me believe for a moment a great deal of trust and close business relationship that was going to be building upon our dealership agreement. I traveled to Tampa for a better understanding of this agreement and to get to know who I was about to jump in business with. Things didn’t quite click but I also understood just like any new start-up company there were going to be adjustments as we went. One of the many things I was made assured was about the exclusive territory for 90 days was never going to be violated. The company assured me to get me leads, to redirect incoming request from my territory to me so I could service those accounts, 100 hours of telemarketing support, printed materials, etc….amount many other things….The main disappointment came after 2 weeks of working in the field to get accounts (with already a dealership agreement signed) the company sold another dealership without even give me a courtesy call…..2 weekssss….what happen to the 90 day exclusivity???? How did I find out??? I hired a sales rep to growth my account expansion, after a couple days of making calls and setting appointments my sales rep contacted a potential customer that told us that someone had presented the same company/services…..that got my attention very quickly since I was the only dealer at that time in the area….I contacted the new dealer and they confirmed of purchasing the territory a week prior. I called the company and they were very surprise of my knowing and tried to bullshit their way around the fact that they violated the dealership agreement. The Chairman of the Company Frank Hope tried to BS me by telling me that they were so sorry but to forget about it they were going to help me to expand…..blah blah blah….a bunch of straight BS…….At that time they tried to persuaded me by telling me of an upcoming conference/expo with a few thousands of potential customers in which they (the company) bought a boot, that they were going to let me participate for a fee around $1000…….I told them to stick their deal and their business and to reimburse my dealership money back. They finally agreed to cancel the contract and pay me back. It took me a few weeks of phone calls and emails. after 6 weeks they sent me a check that for my surprise it bounced…I immediately contacted the company and I told them that they had 72 hours to give me my money back or I would go directly with the State Attorney, at that time the CFO went running to my bank and made a deposit directly into my account ….why could they had done this since the beginning???? It took me 2 months to get my money and a lot of excuses from them which tell me they either were buying time or they didn’t really care from that start. The company violated the territory agreement of 90 days exclusivity, never provided business cards, never provided any follow up, never provided any leads nor any hours of telemarketing, I never received any printed materials in fact I never received any true support….The Chairman is a typical car salesman that will only tell what you want to hear and whatever sounds good to close the deal. The bounced check scared me for a minute but it didn’t come as surprise after everything else I went thru

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