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Should definitely win the prize for ill-treating their staff

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Published: 06 July 2019

Posted by: Oceane

Complete Care in Southlake, United states is a medical facility, which is known for its great service provided by the doctor’s and for its good handling of emergency situation. I had the same thoughts about this place, until a friend of mine who started working in the medical facility in September 2018. She had such a bad experience working there that she had no other choice but to leave the company. They have no sense of respect towards their employees and no proper management skills. This lack of management in the company has led to strife’s among the employees. Not just this but the people working under the department of human resources have barely got any idea about what they are supposed to do. They have a terrible attendance policy and along with that if the office remained closed due to some holiday, but you lack PTO’s to cover that day, you might get a written complaint about misusing your PTO. This is absolutely insane and unacceptable on the part of the company. She had an operation coming up of a close relative, the reason is why she asked for an advanced holiday, but guess what? She got wrote up again on the same grounds of misusing her PTO. Every company makes sure that the employees have some place for recreation after work. These people claim to have a policy that the employees can take up to a fifteen minute break. You will not believe, stay away from your desk for five minutes and you will have to clock out. The expectations that these people have for their workers is unrealistic, I mean even they are humans and their bodies need rest too. The amount of multitasking that she had to do was insane and in a few weeks she fell terribly sick from the stress and burnout.

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