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Published: 04 January 2020

Posted by: RedJ76

Before I tell my story, here’s a litlte background information on myself: I’ve been building computers since I was 11 years old. I’ve completed my bachelor’s education at a 4 year university majoring in computer science. I not only have years of real world computer repairing experience but the technical education to back it. I went here to buy a computer (for my uncle) and was asked nicely by the sales guy to purchase a 30 dollar “protection agreement”. I kindly rejected it because I didn’t think we needed it. We went home and installed MSN messenger from MSN’s site. Immediately after installing MSN, the webcam stopped working. We went online and googled it, we saw some other users having the same problem so I assumed it was a common problem. Since it was a new computer I figured it wouldnt be a problem if we just went and got an exchange— WRONG. Here’s where the problem began. The techs asked us to come to the back room where they ran a “scan software” and found 200 infections. This is impossible because the only site that was visited was MSN. The manager and his team went on and on about how I should’ve bought their protection plan. They kept trying to push us into buying their protection plan… about 8 times. I stopped listening to them talk about 2 minutes into their sales pitch that wrong on for about 20 minutes. My uncle went on to reveal that I was a computer expert but the manager then immediately goes to say “Im sure he’s good, but she’s (one of his techs) the best. He obviously couldn’t fix THIS problem”. I was offended but didnt want to argue with an idiot who was talking out of his *** for 20 minutes about buying some protection plan thing was going to help my computer be completely spyware free forever. Finally, when they were done doing their sales pitch– we asked for our money back because the way they were treating us. The manager refused to give us our money back because there was “nothing wrong with the computer”. He JUST went on for 20 minutes how it had 200 infections, a virus preventing the web camera to work, ect ect and that means NOTHING is wrong to him– that further reinforced my thoughts about his intelligence. He offered a store credit or 15% restocking fee. I remained cool and took the store credit and went on piecing together my own custom computer– what I should’ve done from the start. The computer worked flawlessly… I even went on a few high risk sites and had no problems without any protection software. I scanned it with lavasoft, avast antivirus, and spybot… well known software. Bottomline: – low selection of computers and brands – overpriced – terrible return policy – manager who does not understand the importance of a repeated customer. – nice salemans though How do I know compUSA didnt install the spywares themselves? I didn’t run enough tests to know for sure but I don’t care about that. Maybe one day I’ll buy a computer there and run it against a custom computer of my own side by side mirroring every action and see which computer gets infected first. Maybe a class action lawsuit coming in their near future.

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