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Published: 01 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

INTRODUCTION Greetings every one, I am a fellow Onforce ex-technician, or better know as a “”Service Pro”” by Onforce. Onforce was my main source of income like many, and like many, I have become a statistic. Please allow me to explain in detail. I joined Onforce in the later year of 2007. I continued working with the platform until being recently fired for assumptions. Onforce demands rightfully that all tech’s who use their service should maintain a high rating which is at least 5.5 out of 6 stars. I maintained a 5.9, really, because you just can not make everyone happy. I grosses $65,000 in the 2008 fiscal year, which I am very happy. By prior agreement Onforce takes 10%, which means I made Onforce $6,500. THE STORY ———– On December 29, 2008, I accepted a job from The Motopolis Group, a small small small company located in San Antonio, Texas. I also had recieved another job which placed me exactly 45 minutes from the job I accepted from the Motopolis Group. The job that I was working on only required me to change out a maintenance kit on a HP 4350, and for those of you savvy with printers, you know this only takes about 15 mins tops. Well, I made a mistake by parking in what I later found out was a timed parking spot in the front of the high-rise building. It was only a 10 minute parking spot, apperantly well watched for violators. Needless to say, my car was towed, and I was messed up. My cell phone and computer were in the car, so the only number I had was my wife, whom I called to come and pick me up to go and get my car from the pound. This took an estimated hour and a half. Mind you, I have missed my second appointment by now, but on my cell are the numbers to call the people I need to talk to. I finally get my car, and log into my computer to check emails and make notifications, only to see an email from onforce stating that “”Your Account as been suspended indefinitly due to “”No Call/No Show.”” I have never been late to any of the 300+ work orders I have completed all year, and maintained a 5.9 out of 6 star rating, and low and behold, I am fired. I called to speak to someone, anyone, but I I got initially was voice mail. The next day, I tried to call and finally got someone, Keith, the individual who fired me. So I explained to Keith what has happened, and he agreed to reinstate my account. Then…….. He placed me on hold. He picks back up the phone and says… I can not reactivate your account becuase I believe that you may be someone else. I requested that he explain his logic. He states that you seem to be someone else we took off the platform and we need you to send in your Social Security Card, and Drivers License. I immediately frowned upon this. I advised him that I was not emailing anything over the web or faxing anything like such through the fax. I have been through the identity theft thing once, and I NEVER WISH to revisit it. But Keith does not care about that. He only wants these forms of crucial ID sent unsecurely over the internet to people I do not even know. How do I know I can trust Keith, let alone all the other people that work at Onforce? The only thing that defrentiates a Criminal from someone who is not, is that the others were caught and some were lucky enough to not be caught. So America, should I take the chance of having my credit screwed again just to prove to another stranger that I am who I said I am? Is it fair to allow people to work on your platform for a year, never demanding the documentation they want now, and then fire them? What if the comany you work for now hired you without ID and all, and then turn around and said, “”You know, we are going to suspend you after working for us for a year or so, and doing a great job,”” “”and by the way, we need to see some ID.”” Does any of this make any sense? I say, there needs to be an authority for companies like this. Someone to govern these companies who have found a “”GRAY”” area in the Federal Work and Local State Laws for employment. If there is anyone out there who would be willing to form an alliance to find a way to began a lobby to create a governance for the “”Contractors”” world, please do not hesitate to contact me. Believe me when I say that I am not alone in this. Onforce, and so many other companies are doing this to people who depend on there platform as a source of income. I have three children, and am well educated professional. I will survive, but there are so many who will not. Sincerely, L. M. USN P.S. A company can have a great captain, but it is only as sound as the sailors who execute the captians orders. Lamar Euless, Texas U.S.A. .

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