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Published: 22 March 2020

Posted by: Siirpaul

**PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING UP – THE HORROR STORIES ARE TRUE!!** LISTEN TO ME: I never go based on customer reviews but believe me when I say I NEEDED to make a complaint for all to see (NO – I am not an irate customer who wants revenge… I don”t want anyone to go through what I went through) Looking for an alternative to the big guys and I”ve always seen Comwave advertisements so I decided I would give them a try (again, the first thing that popped up when I typed in comwave were all of the NEGATIVE reviews – not a SINGLE positive review) but I STILL thought I would give them a chance… I”ve read bad reviews and found great service so I thought WHY NOT TRY THEM!? I was on the phone with Milton who placed me on hold to confirm service in my area and I immediately asked “how long does it take to confirm availability?” Milton said “a few minutes”… he put me on hold and came back saying “congratulations sir! We service your area all we need is the deposit for the devices”… I went through this with Teksavvy so I was not skeptical – pay the $, get the devices, very routine (also an AMAZING company might I add – the only reason I left them is they do not support fibre internet at this time) – this all happened on Wednesday July 1 2019 My account was immediately debited and I was told the devices are in process of being sent out… I spent the next week following up to be told my account is being reviewed… then on the 7th day I”m told that my area is not serviced and it would take 4-6 weeks to refund my $… – this also happened on July 1 2019 I”m sorry!? In Canada if there is an exchange for goods/services with $ and there are no services being offered like I was promised on the phone then what was I billed for? How did you realize 1 week later that I am not serviced when I was told I am serviced…? I had to speak to a supervisor who reiterated the same story over and over again about 4-6 weeks: I didn”t even GET the service to have a chance to review it and already this is the BS I found myself in with them… I wish I could include all the other nonsense we discussed (like whether he was aware that comwave was fined nearly 300k for false advertisement to which he said “no that”s not true”… type it in a search engine and you”ll see what I mean) I want my $ back and I should not have to wait 6 weeks for that to happen: I work for the bank and I know refunds do not take 1+ months… I spoke to “Frank River” who is a supervisor and his extension is 4591 (allegedly) And “Milton” set up the account – extension 4347. Yes, I am irate but not an irate customer and I am saying this as a cautionary tale: sometimes it is best to believe what you read on the internet… also if anyone is a lawyer and is reading this, let me know what we can do as I am ready to lawyer up on these crooks.

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