Conch On Inn Motel

Conch On Inn Motel

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Published: 11 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When we arrived, we knew from their website that they had limited parking so out of courtesy to others, I went in to inquire if we could park our small trailered boat next to our vehicle in the empty parking lot. The woman (owner) lit into me with a tirade, yelling at me that no, I could NOT park my boat on the premises and how could I have missed the notice on all their websites in large bold print (all it said was no trailer parking in normal print) that no boats are allowed on the property, and on and on she went for literally several minutes. | I asked her if she was finished and then told her that a simple no would have sufficed and that I didn’t appreciate being lectured especially when I was trying to be considerate knowing they said on the website that they had limited parking. When I asked her where we COULD park our boat, she told me to park it out on the side of US1 but added that she couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t be towed! It was around 5:30 pm and all the marinas were closed so there was no safe place for us to park our boat/trailer. | She tried to get me to sign in at least 3 times but I told her that we were going to try to find a safe place for our boat and if we didn’t return that night, that meant we were cancelling our reservations. We never went back and found a much better resort with boat slips at La Jolla Resort. | We knew she would keep our deposit but when we checked our account at the end of the week, she had charged us for the entire week! We are now working with our credit card company who says what they did was illegal and they will get our money back. We also found out that the reason she kept asking me to sign in is so she could use it as proof to show the credit card company that we used their services and then would have a right to charge us for the week. The husband is just as crooked as the wife and told me when I called about the charges that they had a right to charge us and refused to refund the money.

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